Former GMA anchor Amy Robach admits she’s ‘nervous’ in trailer for podcast with T.J. Holmes

amy robach face shot from 49th Daytime Emmys Awards
Former GMA anchor Amy Robach is set to launch new podcast with TJ Holmes. Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson

Former GMA anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are close to speaking publicly on the premiere of their new podcast, a year after they were taken off ABC.

The duo was involved in a headline-making affair, resulting in their termination by the network last year.

They have kept things low-key since and have continued dating as Holmes’ divorce was settled.

Now, they’re preparing to talk to the world, possibly giving more insight into their story.

However, that seemingly has Robach “nervous” as the launch of the podcast approaches.

An official trailer arrived for their show, which features sound bites from various individuals, including Robach.

Amy Robach says she’s ‘nervous’ about podcast with T.J. Holmes

Taking to her Instagram Story on Thursday, Robach shared a photo of herself smiling in a red blazer, standing close to a smiling Holmes, dressed in a black jacket.

At the top of the promotional image, “AMY & T.J.” appears in bold black text, with iHeart’s logo in the lower-left corner of the red border-framed photo.

“Click link for trailer,” Robach also wrote on her IG Story slide with a heart, directing individuals to the official podcast trailer.

promotional photo about amy robach and tj holmes podcast from instagram story
Promotional Instagram post for Amy & T.J. Podcast. Pic credit: @ajrobach/Instagram

The one-minute-long trailer via iHeart opens with a female narrator introducing Robach and Holmes before they identify themselves as they might on an episode of GMA3.

From there, the sound bites start, as a male news anchor says, “Scandal-plagued anchor team,” and a female news anchor says, “Waking up to a scandal appearing to be brewing behind the scenes.”

“One year later,” the female narrator says – adding after several more news anchor sound bites, “Amy and T.J. are back together and ready to share the real story behind the headlines.”

“I am nervous,” Robach says in the trailer before a man is heard counting them down to the start of a show.

“We were just kidding,” Holmes says as if he and Robach were joking about doing a podcast together.

The narrator closes out the trailer by revealing the essential details, including that the podcast will debut on December 5 via iHeartRadio, iTunes Podcast, and other podcast platforms.

Podcast teaser suggested ‘tea’ will be served to listeners

A day before the official trailer’s release, Robach and the podcast’s Instagram page shared another post teasing what’s coming.

“Why yes, we will be serving tea,” the post’s caption said, along with details for the premiere episode.

Based on iHeartRadio’s podcast description, the duo will “explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture, and everything in between.”

The description also indicates “nothing is off limits” and that this is the first time the duo has spoken since they “became a part of the headlines.”

Earlier this month, news of the Amy & T.J. podcast first arrived with social media posts and the start of the official Instagram account.

The couple, formerly co-hosts on ABC’s GMA3, were removed from the program and, eventually, the network last year after their affair became public. It continued to make headlines as they were spotted out and about in public.

In October, Monsters and Critics reported that Holmes’s divorce from Marilee Fiebig was finalized. He and Robach have continued dating since their firing from ABC. The couple went official on social media and were spotted holding hands at a recent event to show they’re still going strong.

In the past year, there had been rumors about potential new work for the former ABC anchors, but none of that came to fruition. Now, it appears podcasting will be a first step for both of them in their next career endeavors as they give their side of the story and provide commentary on many topics.

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