Amy Robach ‘furious’ over Robin Roberts wedding snub

amy robach during a morning show segment
Sources indicated that Amy Robach and her beau, TJ Holmes, aren’t on the guest list for Robin Roberts’ wedding. Pic credit: ©

Robin Roberts had a huge wedding recently, but it appears several of her former colleagues from ABC didn’t get invites.

Sources have recently revealed that Amy Robach is among those who got snubbed, along with her boyfriend.

As many viewers and fans of GMA know, Robach was involved in an alleged controversy-causing affair with her on-air co-host TJ Holmes.

This past January, the GMA3 co-hosts were fired from ABC News.

With Robach not invited, it appears that Holmes was also off the guest list, according to a source close to the matter.

Roberts’ marriage took place several days ago, as she officially married her girlfriend of 18 years with a very exclusive group of guests attending.

Source: Amy is ‘furious’ over lack of a wedding invite

Although Amy has been off ABC and its programming for months, she’s still making headlines as she continues her relationship with T.J. Holmes.

Most recently, an exclusive source informed The US Sun about Robach and Holmes getting dissed by former colleague Robin Roberts.

“Amy and TJ are not invited, and Amy is furious about it. She and Robin were far more than work colleagues, they shared a deep friendship,” a source revealed.

“When their scandal came out, Robin could have gone to bat for them- she had the power to do that and they thought she would,” an inside source shared with The Sun.

The insider also claimed that “Robin had the power to save Amy and T.J., she is that powerful at ABC, and she didn’t.”

According to The Sun’s source, Robin could have defended Amy’s job following the alleged affair rumors by reminding those in charge that they were “consenting adults” and “were separated.”

According to The Sun, Roberts’ wedding guests only included a group of trusted friends. “She isn’t inviting people because she has to.”

Robin and Amy ‘instantly became sisters’

Whether or not Robach is truly “furious” is unconfirmed. However, it was previously revealed by Robach that she and Roberts had a strong bond.

That bond formed after Roberts encouraged Robach to get a mammogram in 2013 while they were on the air. It led to Robach getting diagnosed with breast cancer weeks after her mammogram.

Roberts previously battled breast cancer in 2007 and was cancer-free one year later. According to Robach, in an interview, the on-air advice Robin gave, “they instantly became sisters.”

Roberts married her longtime girlfriend Amber Laign this past Friday at a wedding ceremony consisting of family and close friends, with her childhood pastor officiating.

While Good Morning America reported about the ceremony, no mentions were made of the former GMA3 co-hosts being there.

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Ms Rose
Ms Rose
9 months ago

Amy & T J’s uninvite was a God sent blessing! Two wrongs don’t make a right.