Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes call out ‘fake’ support at GMA after relationship became public

amy robach and tj holmes face shots from gma3 episode
Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes shared what it was like at GMA after their relationship became public. Pic credit: ABC

While Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes had supportive family and friends after their relationship became publicly revealed, they recently suggested some of the support from their GMA colleagues was “fake.”

Over a year ago, a tabloid revealed the couple’s relationship while they were co-hosts for ABC’s GMA3.

They also each had spouses at the time, although they’ve since revealed they were in the process of divorcing them.

The aftermath of their relationship reveal was ongoing gossipy headlines, and the drama led to them getting taken off the air and ultimately terminated by ABC after an investigation.

They began podcasting last December with iHeartRadio, where they continue to share insight into their relationship and final days at the workplace.

A recent two-part edition of their Amy and T.J. podcast featured them recording in front of a small live audience at SoHo House in Lower Manhattan, New York. During this session, they spoke more about these parts of their lives and answered various questions.

Amy and T.J. recalled days at GMA after their ‘private relationship’ was revealed

At their live recording of Amy and T.J., an audience member asked how their colleagues were at the workplace once their relationship became public. Robach referred to the situation as a tabloid revealing their “private relationship” and maintained that they weren’t “cheating.”

Robach spoke about what it was like to return to work for the two days after those initial headlines and photos hit.

“When we came back for those two days, we were surrounded with support. My dressing room was full of all of our colleagues,” Robach replied.

“Some of it fake, some of it fake, absolutely, some of it was B.S.,” Holmes added.

However, amid ongoing headlines and rumors, ABC took Robach and Holmes off the air and ultimately told them not to return to work.

Robach said once their colleagues knew they weren’t coming back, they never heard from “most people again.”

The former GMA3 host had previously revealed that Sara Haines, now part of ABC’s The View, was supportive amid the drama and that Robach worried Haines might lose her job due to their friendship.

Rumors have suggested that Robach no longer communicates with Robin Roberts, whom she bonded with during their time at GMA.

“We get that to a certain degree, right, everybody’s trying to hold onto their job,” Holmes said, adding, “They don’t want to be seen as being an ally of the two people that ABC News doesn’t like, and we get it to a certain degree.”

Holmes revealed they put ‘effort’ into hiding they were having lunch with a former GMA colleague

During their live podcast event, Holmes also revealed they’d met with former GMA colleague Michael Strahan for lunch within the past few weeks. ABC viewers see Strahan regularly as one of the anchors on Good Morning America throughout the week, usually with Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

According to Holmes, people wouldn’t “believe the effort they put into not drawing attention to their lunch with Strahan because of how it might look or be perceived.”

“That is the shame I’m talking about. We struggled to get out of that mindset. But friends like that do help, and time helps,” he shared during the iHeart Radio podcast.

Robach and Holmes mentioned dealing with “shame” amid all the drama during their publicly revealed relationship, job loss, and divorce situations. That included both private and public shame.


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“I used to say, it’s not like I murdered someone, but I definitely felt like that’s how it seemed if you read comments anywhere,” Robach said.

“It just it weighs you down to the point where you think I’m the worst person in the world, and you do feel like you’ve committed a crime. It’s bizarre,” she added.

Amid the shame and “fake” support, Robach also said they’ve received sincere public support from people, often yelling comments like, “We support you, we love you. Love is love.”

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