Michael Strahan appears in daughter Isabella’s emotional chemo update video

michael strahan face shot from good morning america 2024
GMA star Michael Strahan continues to support his daughter during her recovery. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America star Michael Strahan supported his daughter, appearing in her recent update video about her health journey.

Isabella, one of Michael’s 19-year-old twin daughters, shared earlier this year on GMA that she’d been diagnosed with medulloblastoma. During the interview conducted by Robin Roberts, Michael was by his daughter’s side.

Her diagnosis initially involved the removal of a malignant brain tumor via surgery late last year before she underwent radiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Isabella’s recovery didn’t stop there, as she’d eventually need to have chemotherapy. However, there were several additional surgeries first that set her treatment schedule back.

Along the way, she recorded and uploaded vlogs for her official YouTube channel to spotlight her health journey for others.

In a recent vlog, Isabella shared an emotional look at her final round of chemotherapy, with her dad appearing in the video.

Isabella shares a health update video as she undergoes her final round of chemo

Monsters and Critics previously reported Isabella completed her final round of chemotherapy in a social media update. She first shared the update in a quick TikTok clip, which included her dancing with her twin sister, Sophia.

She uploaded her 24th vlog episode on her YouTube channel on Thursday, spotlighting her final chemo treatment.

“I’m leaving New York today to go to Carolina for my last treatment. Yay!” she shared at the start of her video.

She indicated she’d have a few appointments before starting “chemo today, tomorrow, [and] the next day,” then “get fluids” before she finished.

Isabella next appeared at the hospital and showed off an adorable card she’d received from Ms. Brown’s kindergarten class at Briar Creek Elementary School. It featured crayon drawings, several photos of Isabella, and a “Get Well Soon” message.

“Ohhhh. It’s just so cute,” she gushed after revealing it to the camera.

Later, Isabella recorded herself stepping out of the elevator with her father and his girlfriend, Kayla Quick, following behind. She said her next step was her hearing test before getting fluids, which she revealed later.

Later, Isabella shared that she was “really tired” as she was finishing up her treatments and receiving more bags of fluids.

“It’s hard for my eyes to open. I’m going to go back to sleep. It’s 8:30 in the morning. I went to sleep really early last night, too,” she shared.

“My legs are really feeling weak. It’s hard to move around,” Isabella said.

Isabella had a ‘fit check’ and chatted with another patient before her ‘last bag of chemo’

Later in the vlog, Isabella said she wanted to do a “fit check” with her “hot girl fit” and got several shots of herself in pink and white striped loungewear or pajamas.

Soon after, the vlog featured her standing up and waving at the camera while holding a football as her dad’s girlfriend recorded.

“Vlog, I’m gonna sign my first football,” Isabella revealed, showing that the football was already covered in signatures.

She signed in a black Sharpie and handed it to her father, who was standing nearby.

“I’m passing it off to someone who has signed a football,” Isabella said, with Michael asking if she wanted him to sign it.

“Yay!” Isabella said to the camera while holding a thumbs up.

While at the hospital, she talked to a young boy wearing a Kansas City Chiefs hat. He wore a mask and paper gown and seemed to be with his mother or another relative.

Isabella found out that the young patient had just had a bone marrow transplant, and she encouraged him that it went well since he was heading home. She also shared her story with them about her journey and chemotherapy.

Toward the end of her vlog, she revealed her new Scooby-Doo stuffed animal, which she hugged, sharing that it was her favorite cartoon.

“I’m excited. My last bag of chemo today,” Isabella shared, adding she would have a “confetti parade” and “get to ring the bell.”

The latest updates brought joy and excitement for Isabella, as she first discovered her diagnosis last October while away at the University of Southern California for school.

In earlier vlogs, she revealed a range of emotions, including being happy to know when her chemo would end and then frustrated when the final round’s date got pushed back after surgery.

Her father has been there with her every step of the way, often taking time away from GMA to support his daughter during her recovery. Isabella’s recent vlog was recorded over a week ago, as Strahan has appeared multiple times on GMA this week.

It now seems that this part of her recovery has been completed, allowing her to focus on resting before returning to USC for school.

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