Michael Strahan misses GMA ahead of daughter’s major health update with chemo

gma anchor michael strahan face shot on abc
Michael Strahan appears during a recent GMA episode. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America viewers likely noticed co-anchor Michael Strahan absent from several episodes last week.

After Tuesday’s episode featured Michael calling out a “cheap shot,” the popular GMA star and Pro Football Hall of Famer didn’t appear alongside colleagues for several days.

Instead, an ABC colleague replaced Michael as he was away from his weekday job for an important reason.

His daughter, Isabella Strahan, recently revealed another significant update on her health situation.

Isabella, one of Michael’s 19-year-old twin daughters, has been battling and recovering from her medulloblastoma diagnosis last year.

Part of the treatments have included several rounds of chemotherapy, which Isabella recently addressed.

Michael Strahan missed several GMA episodes

GMA’s Michael Strahan last appeared on the Tuesday episode before taking the rest of the week off. That included Thursday when his colleague Will Reeve interviewed NFL star Travis Kelce about his personal life and career moves.

It might have surprised some fans since Michael also works at another job with Fox NFL Sunday, helping his colleagues cover the various NFL games throughout the season and playoffs. However, he didn’t travel from his home area of New York to Boston, Massachusetts, to interview Kelce.

Meanwhile, viewers saw Whit Johnson, Robin Roberts, and George Stephanopoulos at the desk for two GMA episodes Michael missed last week. On Friday, George appeared alongside Rebecca Jarvis and Gito Benitez.

“We’ll see you back here on Monday when we go 80s. Have a great weekend, everybody!” Jarvis said to conclude Friday’s GMA.

However, she didn’t say if she, Benitiez, and Stephanopoulos would appear or if Michael and Robin would return for Monday’s episode.

Michael’s daughter, Isabella, shared a significant health update recently

It’s believed that Strahan missed the latter half of last week’s GMA episodes so he could be with his daughter amid her chemotherapy.

It was Isabella’s final round of chemo recently following last year’s medulloblastoma, which involved the successful removal of a malignant brain tumor. Rehabilitation, additional surgeries, and chemo followed that surgery.

She uploaded a TikTok video this weekend which featured her twin sister Sophia.

In the clip, Isabella wears an all-black outfit and a shiny gold crown. With a bright smile, she dances and briefly celebrates alongside her sister with Let ‘Em Know by Bryson Tiller playing as her music.

“Just finished chemo 🥳,” appeared in a message across the video.

“Did it,” Isabella wrote in her caption.

The TikTok video received over 67,500 likes and 1,700 comments from supportive fans, friends, and followers.

“YAYYY! So happy for you,” one commenter wrote, while another indicated they were “Praying” for Isabella’s recovery.

“YESSS SHES A BADDIE. so happy for u love,” a commenter said.

“YAY ISABELLA!! So proud of you,” another individual commented.

tiktok comments screenshot for isabella strahan final chemo video
Pic credit: @isabellastrahan/TikTok

Isabella revealed her diagnosis earlier this year as Robin Roberts interviewed her and Michael on GMA.

She’s documented some of her journey through multiple vlogs on her official YouTube channel. All proceeds go to The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke.

In a previous update, Isabella indicated she was disappointed when her final round of chemo got pushed back, as she wanted to recover for several months of the summer before heading back to school.

Based on her remarks, Isabella plans to return to the University of Southern California to see her friends and continue her studies.

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