Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella shares recovery setback as she returns to hospital for surgery

isabella strahan face shot from her friday april 12 youtube vlog
Isabella Strahan shared a disappointing update in her latest vlog. Pic credit: @IsabellaStrahan/YouTube

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, shared an emotional update regarding her recovery from last year’s medulloblastoma diagnosis.

Since revealing her diagnosis and surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor on Good Morning America earlier this year, Isabella has continued to share updates about her journey to recovery on YouTube.

Earlier this week, Isabella shed happy tears in a vlog regarding a positive call she received from her doctor about when her chemotherapy treatments would end.

However, in her more recent update, the 19-year-old admitted she was “bawling [her] eyes out” after returning to the hospital for another surgery.

And Isabella sadly revealed that this third surgery led to a disappointing setback regarding chemotherapy.

“Hey vlog, on the way to the hospital. Got a fever,” she said, smiling at the start of the video as her dad was getting ready to leave with her from their apartment.

Isabella Strahan reveals a return to the hospital for her third surgery

In her YouTube vlog on Friday, April 12, Isabella was in the hospital to get tests done after experiencing another fever. She revealed in a previous vlog that whenever she had a fever, she had to go to the ER amid her chemo treatments.

The newer update revealed she had fluid drained and a third craniotomy, which came one month after the previous surgery.

She admitted she was “hysterically crying” after receiving an IV since she isn’t a fan of needles and hadn’t had one in a while.

Following the latest surgery, Isabella said it wasn’t as bad as the first time, but she was in “a lot of pain.”

“Not gonna lie. I’ve been crying a lot…I’m in a lot of pain,” she said, also mentioning the pain medication wasn’t too effective for her.

In other parts of the vlog, Isabella revealed that family, including her mother, Jean Muggli, was visiting her at the hospital. Isabella’s friends Eva and Will also visited.

The vlog later featured Michael Strahan next to his daughter’s bed, sharing that she’d been in the hospital for seven days this time.

Despite appearing at home later and opening some special Cactus Jack USC gear she’d received as gifts, she was back at the hospital two days later to get checked out after experiencing shortness of breath.

Isabella also shared that her family had just picked up Chic-fil-A food and had it in the room, but she couldn’t eat it, making it a tough experience as she had tests done and an IV.

Isabella shared a disappointing setback for her chemo

Later in her vlog, Isabella returned home and revealed she was out of the ER that same night after her shortness of breath. However, she talked about a disappointing setback regarding chemotherapy treatments.

“Because I had my third craniotomy, I have to push chemo back a month,” she said, adding, “I only have to do two more rounds of chemo, but it’s still gonna be three months, so I wasn’t very happy about that.”

“I was like bawling my eyes out because it’s so disappointing,” she shared.

In her previous vlog, Isabella was elated that her two rounds of chemo would finish in May. She could then recover for the summer and return to her college, the University of Southern California.

“Everything changes because of a stupid head infection,” she said at the end of her vlog, adding, “Now I’ll be done a little later than I wanted to, but I’m home.”

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Carolyn Criswell
Carolyn Criswell
1 month ago

Love and prayers for you Isabella