Michael Strahan’s daughter sheds tears in emotional health update

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It’s been an emotional journey for Michael Strahan and his family during his daughter’s health situation. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, has been on an emotional journey as she recovers from her medulloblastoma diagnosis last year.

Earlier this year, she revealed the diagnosis alongside her father as Robin Roberts interviewed them on Good Morning America.

She’d been attending the University of Southern California but continued experiencing headaches with worsening symptoms, prompting her family to get her checked out by medical professionals.

Isabella’s medulloblastoma diagnosis resulted in surgery to remove her brain cancer tumor, followed by rehabilitation, medical tests, and various procedures.

Several weeks ago, she was in the hospital and revealed an emergency surgery she had amid her chemotherapy treatments.

In a recent vlog, Isabella shed tears over her latest health update and explained why she was crying to viewers.

Isabella shared an emotional update about chemo

On Wednesday, April 10, Isabella was teary-eyed in a new vlog on her YouTube channel.

“Hey vlog,” she said as she continued crying, adding, “I’m like happy. These are happy tears.”

“It’s not even considered crying. That’s happy tears,” she said.

Isabella shared that she received a call from her doctor telling her she only has to do “two more rounds of chemo.”

“It’s the biggest thing. I’m so happy,” she said, wiping away tears.

She revealed that meant she would be done with chemo in May and could have the summer to feel better before returning to school.

Isabella said she was supposed to do six rounds of chemo and initially thought that would end in July, just before heading back to school.

In a later part of her vlog, she sat down at home in her family’s New York City apartment. Isabella showed the pick line, a tube attached to her arm, and a bag at the end of it. She said that the bag usually has antibiotics in it to help fight infections after the surgery she had weeks ago.

“I’m not sad. I was happy. Really happy that I’m halfway there. I’m halfway done with chemo,” she shared regarding her earlier tears.

Isabella received a surprise visit during her vlog

Later in her vlog, those happy tears returned for Isabella as she sat on a couch in the apartment.

A surprise visitor arrived as her twin sister Sophia Strahan showed up to greet her.

The two hugged it out as Isabella began to cry over the surprise visit.

“This is why you wouldn’t return my calls,” she told Sophia, who explained she’d been on a plane headed home during her sister’s attempts to FaceTime.

“I love you,” Sophia said as the siblings hugged.

Sophia attends Duke University in North Carolina. Isabella has had various procedures and treatments performed at the Duke University Medical Center, allowing her to see her sister.

The twin sisters have a close bond, regularly sharing jointly-created content on their social media pages.

It’s also not the first surprise visit Isabella received during her journey to recovery. In a previous vlog, she revealed that her father arranged for her favorite singer, Bryson Tiller, to show up and hang out with her for a bit.

That vlog also included those happy tears everyone loves to see for Isabella Strahan.

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