Michael Strahan’s daughter says she met ‘man of her dreams’ as singer brightens day amid health recovery

michael strahans daughter isabella face shot from hospital video update
Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, was beaming after meeting favorite singer. Pic credit: @IsabellaStrahan/YouTube

Michael Strahan’s daughter is continuing to recover following her brain cancer tumor diagnosis and multiple surgeries.

She recently received a special visit from a favorite singer to help brighten her day as she recovered from her recent emergency surgery and chemotherapy.

While Isabella shares much of her documented health journey through her YouTube channel, she also posts clips to her TikTok.

That included Thursday’s video, which featured Isabella dressed in all white as Bryson Tiller’s Let Em’ Know played.

Isabella backed away from her camera shot and stood up, giving an “I don’t know” type pose, just as Tiller appeared in the background and walked closer to the camera.

As she got closer to look into the camera view, Isabella showed her excitement with dance moves and a mock scream. Tiller also smiled and danced a bit to his song in the background.

Isabella called Tiller the ‘man of her dreams’

For 19-year-old Isabella Strahan, meeting her favorite singer was a big deal, as she called him “Man of my dreams” in her caption.

Isabella included hashtags for “#bestdayever” and “#brysontiller” as part of the message.

She showed a peace sign to her camera before ending the quick video clip but was clearly excited over the special moment.

Others dropped by the TikTok comments section to express their excitement for Isabella meeting Tiller.

“HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LIVE MY DREAMMMMMM,” one commenter wrote, while another said, “OMG UR LIVING A DREAM.”

“Hope you are feelin good. You look beautiful,” a supportive commenter wrote to Isabella.

screenshot of comments from isabella strahan tiktok as fans react to her meeting singer bryson tiller
Pic credit: @IsabellaStrahan/TikTok

Isabella continues her recovery following her health scare

Isabella’s above TikTok video is her first post on the platform since October 2023. During that month, she was still attending the University of Southern California.

However, she revealed during a GMA interview with Robin Roberts earlier this year that around that time, she’d been experiencing progressively worsening headaches and other symptoms that prompted her family to get her health checked out.

It resulted in a diagnosis of medulloblastoma, a brain cancer tumor, which Isabella had removed via surgery. Her recovery has since involved rehabilitation, radiotherapy, multiple tests, more surgeries, and chemotherapy.

She’s shared her journey with others on her YouTube channel through a series of vlogs. All proceeds from her videos go to The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke.

The most recent vlog included her discussion of a second brain surgery following her experiencing several fevers that resulted in trips to the hospital, tests, and additional procedures.

She revealed in one of her updates that she had been “screaming in pain” following the surgery.

During a GMA episode several weeks ago, Michael Strahan updated viewers and his co-hosts about his daughter’s health. He said it was “tough” to watch Isabella go through all of this but added that she’s a “tough young lady,” and he knew she “would make it through.”

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