Michael Strahan’s daughter shares painful health update: ‘Everything hurts’

michael strahan face shot from abc gma interview in 2024
Michael America appears during a Good Morning America interview. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Strahan’s daughter recently updated her fans and followers about her recovery progress following a brain cancer tumor scare.

Isabella, who is Michael’s 19-year-old daughter, revealed her diagnosis and ongoing recovery last month on Good Morning America with Michael next to her.

Michael has appeared on GMA off and on in recent weeks, including an interesting response to co-anchor Robin Roberts’ rant.

Michael recently took a week off from GMA as his daughter began her chemotherapy in North Carolina.

Since then, the GMA star has allowed Isabella to share updates on her situation as she documents her journey in a vlog.

The latest revealed how she was worried about her progress and various things happening.

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, shares health update

“Everything hurts,” Isabella revealed in a recent update vlog featuring her twin sister, dad, and his girlfriend Kayla Quick.

She appeared on camera for the start of the video applying ice to the top of her head, which she said hurt.

“I feel like I’m having a heart attack,” Isabella said with a smile.

During the video, she expressed concern over other things she thought could happen due to the chemo.

“I think it just stresses me out because so much could go wrong, I feel,” she shared, adding, “Oh no, my heart hurts. That could mean I’m having a heart attack, or, like, my eye is strained. What if my eyes stop working?”

Late last year, Isabella began experiencing worsening headaches, and her twin sister, Sophia, encouraged her to get things checked out. With that, Michael took an absence from his TV jobs at ABC’s GMA and Fox’s NFL programs for a “personal family matter.”

They revealed Isabella’s diagnosis in a sit-down interview conducted by GMA’s Robin Roberts earlier this year.

Based on details shared on GMA, Isabella’s brain cancer tumor was successfully removed and was malignant. However, she continued to undergo treatments, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Michael Strahan spends time with family as Isabella continues her recovery

During Isabella’s five-minute vlog, her dad also had a cameo appearance near the end of the video. The Pro Football Hall of Famer was seated on the couch next to Isabella as she wore a Vision Pro headset, Apple’s newest device.

In the footage, Michael called someone with his mobile phone and inquired about them dropping off some Vision Pro items.

Several weeks ago, he revealed how much he loved the Vision Pro during a GMA segment as the new tech gadgets were released to the public. Michael spoke in person with Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss the innovative technology.

As mentioned, Michael took a week away from GMA recently as Isabella began to prepare for her chemotherapy at the hospital. The former New York Giants star attended a Duke Blue Devils basketball game with his daughter, Sophia, and girlfriend, Kayla.

That arrived as Isabella shared a vlog about getting various tests and procedures done ahead of chemo, including having a port placed on her chest, getting MRIs, and having her blood drawn.

Isabella has said she will continue to vlog about the journey on YouTube, with all proceeds from it going to The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke.

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