America’s Got Talent judges reveal voting, Dunkin’ Save results

Julianne Hough AGT Quarterfinals
Julianne Hough serves as an AGT judge during summer 2019 season. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

The America’s Got Talent judges revealed the live voting and Dunkin’ Save results during an exciting night of the show. The Wednesday night episode let America know who would advance from Quarterfinals 2.

There were 12 new acts that performed for the AGT judges this week, each hoping that they could advance to the semi-finals. They hoped to join the group that progressed from Quarterfinals 1.

The first seven acts to make it through to the 2019 AGT Semi-finals were Greg Morton, Voices of Service, Kodi Lee, Luke Islam, Messoudi Brothers, Ansley Burns, and Alex Dowis. They survived Quarterfinals 1.

On Tuesday night, the 12 new acts who performed were Robert Finley, The Sentimentalists, Ryan Niemiller, Charlotte Summers, Nick & Lindsay, Chris Klafford, Marine Mazepa, V.Unbeatable, Joseph Allen, Light Balance Kids, Ndlovu Youth Choir, and Tyler Butler-Figueroa.

Who would advance?

Dunkin’ Save results

As shown above, the three acts that America got to choose from in the Dunkin Save Vote were Chris Klafford, Charlotte Summer, and Ndlovu Youth Choir. One would be saved by America and one would be saved by the America’s Got Talent judges by the end of the night.

It was Chris Klafford who received the Dunkin’ Save.

AGT Live Vote results

Five acts would be advancing based on the overnight AGT Live Vore results. The top five vote-getters were announced throughout the show. They were Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Robert Finley, V.Unbeatable, Light Balance Kids, and Ryan Niemiller.

The eliminated acts were Nick & Lindsay, The Sentimentalists, Joseph Allen, and Marina Mazepa.

As for the act that was saved by the AGT judges, it came down to a decision between Charlotte Summer and Ndlovu Youth Choir. The judges went with Ndlovu Youth Choir.

To recap the America’s Got Talent episode from Wednesday night, seven acts have advanced to the 2019 AGT Semi-finals.

They are Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Robert Finley, V.Unbeatable, Light Balance Kids, Chris Klafford, Ryan Niemiller, and Ndlovu Youth Choir.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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