American Horror Story: Adina Porter is surprised Double Feature is not more bonkers

Adina Porter on American Horror Story: Double Feature
Adina Porter speaks about American Horror Story: Double Feature. Pic credit: FX

Every season of FX’s American Horror Story comes with its own variation of absolutely bonkers. While some seasons tone it down a little, others really ramp up the over-the-top antics. (I’m looking at you Roanoke and Cult.)

As for the current season, AHS: Double Feature, things seem to be tripping along at a fairly even gait. Well, as reasonably as it can considering it is dealing with vampires in the first half and aliens in part two.

However, Adina Porter, who plays Chief Burleson in this season, admits that she expected Season 10 to be much crazier than it currently is.

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Double Feature was originally much more over-the-top

According to a recent interview that Porter did with The Wrap, the original scripts for American Horror Story: Double Feature were definitely not as serious as what viewers are now seeing on TV.

“There’s what I’ve read in the original script that was given to me,” Porter told The Wrap. “And then there was what I performed. And then the editor created things. And I was surprised at what has made the show and what hasn’t made the show.”

“When we were filming it, there was a lot more — a little bit more over the top, line-wise and character-wise than what’s in the finished product. And as an actor, I saw it and I went, ‘Oh, OK.’ They filmed like the raw materials. And then they kind of put things together to see, which was the best way they wanted to make this particular dish this year.”

Porter doesn’t detail the actual changes made between the first scripts versus what was filmed and, then, what made the actual cut. However, it certainly would be interesting just how different things were from the original plans.

Adina Porter as Chief Burleson and Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Alma Gardner, as seen in Episode 3 of FX's American Horror Story: Double Feature
Adina Porter as Chief Burleson and Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Alma Gardner, as seen in Episode 3 of American Horror Story: Double Feature. Pic credit: FX

Adina Porter teases more for her character

Along with Porter revealing the changes made in Season 10 of AHS, she also spoke out about her character.

Warning, spoilers for Episode 3 of American Horror Story: Double Feature follow. So, if you haven’t yet viewed the latest episode, you might not want to read on if you wish to avoid spoilers.

The latest episode ended with the surprise death of Porter’s character. Chief Burleson was killed by Alma (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) when she was too eager to delve into the mysterious deaths occurring presently in Provincetown.

Of course, the Chief also didn’t know that Alma is a vampire and desperate for a bloody meal, either.

While it seems that this will be the end of this character, Porter teased viewers with the potential of her still appearing in Double Feature.

“Anything is definitely possible for something to actually happen again, especially in this world. What I love about this world — this world and soap operas — you can easily come back as your evil twin,” Porter quipped.

Of course, whether or not her character returns depends entirely on if the upcoming episodes step out of their comfort zone and return to the over-the-top elements of some of the previous seasons.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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