American Horror Stories: Latest trailer gives a hint at the format for the new anthology series

Woman in a rubber suit in front of the AHS house
American Horror Stories will premiere on July 15. Pic credit: FX

Very little news regarding the plot and outline of FX’s upcoming anthology series, American Horror Stories, has been revealed ahead of its July 15 premiere. Now, a new trailer may have just given viewers some extra clues.

American Horror Stories will follow the same anthology format as the original series, American Horror Story, albeit on a much granular level. While AHS focused on a different story for each season, Stories is believed to focus on one different storyline per episode.

There have been some clues along the way, though, and the series creator Ryan Murphy has previously revealed that the new series will have some familiar faces.

“We are doing one-hour stand-alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends, and lore,” Murphy is quoted as saying. “Many will feature AHS stars you know and love.”

New trailer for American Horror Stories returns to where it all began

Along with some well-known faces, a new poster also teased viewers with a familiar location as well.

AHS: Murder House was the very first season of American Horror Story. The house featured was filled with a variety of ghosts and tortured souls, one of which is also featured in the promo image.

The Rubber Man was one such ghost who wore a black latex suit in the original series. In the poster, the costume is worn by a woman, suggesting that the character might get a new spin in the upcoming series.

Promo image for Season 1 of FX's American Horror Stories
Promo image for Season 1 of American Horror Stories. Pic credit: FX

Now, the trailer for Stories appears to confirm the show will head straight to the Murder House and that it may be central to telling all of the stories in Season 1.

“You’ve heard all the stories about what happened here, right?” a voiceover says as the clip shows an image of the house.

A group of young adults is then seen in the foyer of the house as they look around.

“Yeah, like Amityville Horror on crystal meth,” one girl replies, and she’s not at all wrong.

American Horror Stories will delve into some familar storylines

The clip then features a woman sitting on the ground, a drawn pentagram beneath her as she summons spirits.

Snippets of the new show then feature and, among the terror, some familiar characters and themes are seen.

Potentially, this trailer could indicate that American Horror Stories will focus on the Murder House as its theme for the first season. It will then break down to tell different stories via the ghosts that are summoned there.

Alternatively, this clip could merely be for a single episode of Stories and Episode 2 will head to a different location to reveal something entirely new, so viewers will just have to tune in on Thursday night in order to find out for sure.

American Horror Stories will debut on FX on Hulu from July 15.

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