A Discovery of Witches Season 3 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

A Discovery of Witches
Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode in A Discovery of Witches. Pic credit: Sky

A Discovery of Witches ended its second season with a huge cliffhanger, with the evil Peter Knox showing up in Sept-Tours and attacking.

Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop are also on their way back and have a lot of obstacles to overcome, from Knox’s attack to the governing bodies against their relationship, to a baby on the way.

With so much story left to tell, A Discovery of Witches will get one final season, with its third season, and it will finish Matthew and Diana’s story.

Here is everything we know so far about A Discovery of Witches Season 3.

  • Updated on November 8, 2021: Added the new trailer

This article provides everything that is known about A Discovery of Witches Season 3 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 3 of A Discovery of Witches?

There will be a third season, but this will be the last of the series, which star Teresa Palmer called a “trilogy.”

“The end of an era,” said Palmer on Instagram. “Since 2017 I have had the great privilege and pleasure of embodying Diana Bishop. Today I said goodbye to this powerhouse of a character as we rolled on our last shot of the last season of this trilogy.”

A Discovery of Witches is based on a trilogy of books by Deborah Harkness — the All Souls trilogy.

The final book, The Book Of Life, is what the third season is based on. The plot of the novel reunites Diana and Matthew with the modern-day residents of Sept-Tours.

Release date latest: When does A Discovery of Witches Season 3 come out?

A Discovery of Witches Season 3 began filming in late 2020, but COVID-19 restrictions slowed things down.

A Discovery of Witches Season 1 premiered on September 14, 2018, and Season 2 hit on January 8, 2021.

The good news is that the restrictions lifted and the third season should premiere at the end of 2021, or possibly early in 2022.

Sky announced the final season of A Discovery of Witches will air in January 2022.

A new first-look trailer was also released for the final season.

We will update this article when Sky announces exactly when A Discovery of Witches will return. In America, viewers can see A Discovery of Witches on AMC.

A Discovery of Witches Season 3 cast updates

Matthew Goode (Watchmen) and Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four) return as the leads of A Discovery of Witches Season 3, Matthew and Diana.

Diana is a historian who comes from a long line of witches. She is the one who accidentally released the supernatural forces onto the world again.

Matthew is a vampire and a Professor of Biochemistry, that works with Diana to protect the book that unleashed the evil and solve the mysteries from within — this despite a long-held mistrust between witches and vampires.

The plot of The Book of Life reunites Diana and Matthew with the modern-day residents of Sept-Tours. This means Ed Bluemel should return as Marcus, alongside Adelle Leonce as his human girlfriend Phoebe.

Also returning for the final season are Lindsay Duncan (Ysabeau), Alex Kingston (Sarah), Gregg Chillin (Domenico), Trevor Eve (vampire Gerbert) and Jacob Ifan (vampire Benjamin).

Matthew’s nephew Gallowglass appeared in the past, but he is also in the present day in the third book, so Steve Cree should return as well.

Finally, a new face is showing up in Oliver Huband as Portuguese vampire Fernando Gonçalves.

A Discovery of Witches Season 3 spoilers

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger.

In Season 2, Diana Bishop and vampire Matthew Clairmont ran to the past to escape the evil witch Peter Knox.

At the end of the season, Diana and Matthew headed back to modern-day Sept-Tours. But when they got there, they had a rude awakening.

Peter Knox bested both of them back there and he is obsessed with Sophie’s newborn baby, another witch.

Knox arrived in present-day Sept-Tours and attacked at the end of Season 2. This put all the witches, vampires, and daemons in danger since Knox is searching for the Book of Life’s pages.

Diana – now a very powerful witch – and Matthew are coming back to protect them. Also, Diana is pregnant, which throws a huge wrench into the story.

The Congregation, made up of vampires, witches (including Knox), and daemons, forbid inter-species relationships. With Diana pregnant, this will put them both in great danger.

Marcus, the head of the Knights Of Lazarus, believes the Congregation’s ideals are outdated, and there is a good chance he comes to their aid.

There is a fourth book about Marcus’s story, expect him to play an important role in this third and final season.

Matthew is also struggling with his blood rage and has a hard time controlling it. Between that and a mysterious vampire killing humans in England, there is a lot of danger in store for this couple.

Since this season will end Matthew and Diana’s story, this will be the last season unless A Discovery of Witches continues on without them.

Sky One has yet to announce when A Discovery of Witches Season 3 will premiere.

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Terri Jerome
Terri Jerome
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Who ever is responsible for putting out the seasons or how you say, they really suck and shouldn’t produce anything again.