Ozymandias on Watchmen: Everything you need to know about Adrian Veidt since the end of the comics

Ozymandias on Watchmen: Everything you need to know about Adrian Veidt since the end of the comics
Ozymandias finally appeared on Watchmen’s third episode. Pic credit: HBO

On the third episode of Watchmen on HBO, the Lord of the Manor finally revealed that he was, in fact, Adrian Veidt, the villain from the Watchmen comic books and movie.

This means that he is the man responsible for the death of over three million people in an attempt to prevent the Cold War from becoming a nuclear holocaust.

Here is what you need to know about Ozymandias on Watchmen.

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Ozymandias, the world’s savior on Watchmen

The most interesting thing about Ozymandias is that he considers himself the savior of the world.

On the most recent episode of Watchmen on HBO, Laurie Blake (the former Silk Spectre) was telling a joke in a recorded message sent to Dr. Manhattan on Mars.

In the joke, she described four heroes who went before God after their deaths to determine if they should go to Heaven or Hell.

When it came to Ozymandias, she described him as the smartest man in the world who used his talents to save the world but killed over three million people to do it and felt no remorse.

That is a perfect description of Ozymandias.

After the events of Watchmen, Adrian Veidt had already retired as a vigilante and went to work for the good of people, using the technology he developed thanks to his studies on Dr. Manhattan.

Veidt then disappeared.

Where has Adrian Veidt been since Watchmen?

Watchmen on HBO has a site dedicated to taking fans behind the scenes in the world of Watchmen. It isn’t something that is needed to enjoy the show, but it is awesome for anyone wanting to learn more about the world between the comics and the new series.

This includes a newspaper article that declared Adrian Veidt dead — a newspaper that was shown on the premiere episode of Watchmen.

According to that newspaper article, His last public appearance occurred in 2007 when “Kenya awarded him its highest civilian honor, the Chief of the Order of the Golden Heart.”

He was compared to Howard Hughes, a reclusive. However, when it came time to sell off his company, no one could find him and he was declared missing.

After a global search turned up nothing, authorities on three continents declared that Adrian Veidt was “presumed deceased.”

Ozymandias on Watchmen on HBO

Adrian Veidt, to this point, was only referred to as the Lord of the Manor on Watchmen on HBO.

He had experimented on clones of his servants, all based on two specific people. When one dies, he just puts them into the basement for “future use.”

However, he decided after the death of the most recent that he needed to get a thicker skin and went out with his bow and arrow to kill a buffalo.

However, he found himself threatened by the Game Warden, who explained that they had an agreement for his captivity.

By the end of the episode, Veidt revealed to the viewers who he really was and then put on his costume of Ozymandias for a “midnight hunt.”

Things are getting very strange as the Manor of Adrian Veidt.

Watchmen airs on Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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