Is Xavier Prather the real Big Brother 23 villain? A past winner thinks so

Tiffany Mitchell got a villain cut on a recent episode of Big Brother 23, but there are some people who think that it painted an incorrect picture of the season. The term “villain cut” refers to the editing of an episode that puts a negative light on one of the houseguests. That was done for


Big Brother 23 spoilers: Who did Xavier Prather nominate for eviction?

Big Brother 23 spoilers now include who Xavier Prather nominated for eviction. The Week 3 Head of Household was tasked with putting two people on the block and after discussing his options with a lot of other people, Xavier finally revealed his choices late on Friday. The mood in the Big Brother house has shifted


Who will new HOH nominate for eviction and who can play in Wildcard Competition?

Xavier Prather is the new Big Brother Head of Household after winning the latest competition on Thursday night. He now takes over the power within the BB23 cast and will nominate two people for eviction before Friday comes to a close. Since Xavier is safe from eviction, this also means his entire team is safe


Big Brother houseguests kiss to make a third jealous as BB23 cast chills

The Big Brother 2021 cast is starting to get more comfortable in the house, leading to the emergence of several BB23 showmances. Early Thursday morning, things got very interesting between a few houseguests on the Big Brother live feeds. It seems that Frenchie was right to be worried about possible showmances developing in the house,