Is Xavier Prather the real Big Brother 23 villain? A past winner thinks so

Xavier BB23 HOH Mess
Xavier Prather hopes to become the Big Brother 2021 winner this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Tiffany Mitchell got a villain cut on a recent episode of Big Brother 23, but there are some people who think that it painted an incorrect picture of the season.

The term “villain cut” refers to the editing of an episode that puts a negative light on one of the houseguests. That was done for the Sunday, September 5 episode of Big Brother that saw Tiffany win an Endurance Challenge.

It looked like Tiffany rebelled against her alliance and that she went all-out in the Head of Household Competition after agreeing to not win it. But that’s not the whole story, as Kyland Young was also supposed to drop earlier in the challenge.

Other members of The Cookout were then shown badmouthing Tiffany and expressing a lot of jealousy that she had won the challenge. It was particularly interesting that the biggest people complaining were Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum, who felt they deserved to have someone else throw a challenge for them. Tiffany was called selfish as well.

Josh Martinez calls Xavier Prather the real villain of Big Brother 23

“Producers you know I love ya but Xavier is the real Villain of the Cookout. This is coming from someone you may consider a Villain #bb23,” Josh wrote on social media.

Josh won Big Brother 19 and he was certainly considered one of the villains of the season. He would routinely bang pots and pans to rile up other people and he took safety to throw the first HOH challenge of the season. Since they were playing in teams, Josh’s team was immediately eliminated. They were not pleased.

Josh BB23 Post
Josh Martinez shared an opinion about Big Brother 23. Pic credit: @JoshMBB19/Twitter

Quite a few people have already agreed with what Josh wrote, with a lot of users commenting on the post, 151 people retweeting it, and more than 2,500 people liking it already. And so far, he might be right, because it is certainly Xavier who is making a lot of game threats on the feeds and outside of Tiffany’s earshot.

Who is going to win Big Brother 23?

It will be very interesting to see who emerges as the Big Brother 23 winner when The Cookout alliance has to really start turning on itself. Most of them have talked about making moves against the alliance, but they have still stayed true to their goal of getting all the way to the end intact.

On the Big Brother schedule for this season, there are two Double Eviction episodes coming up that will impact how the entire season finishes. It means people will have to think on their feet and that it will be difficult to prepare for every scenario. That’s going to lead to some exciting television and then CBS viewers might get a real look at who the BB23 cast villain is this summer.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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