Big Brother recap: Drama for The Cookout and new BB23 nominations

Alyssa And Azah BB23
Alyssa and Azah are both trying to become the Big Brother 23 winner this summer. Pic credit: CBS

The new Big Brother episode began with rehashing what had taken place the previous week. Tiffany Mitchell was the Head of Household, but she got overthrown when Claire Rehfuss played the Coin of Destiny.

Claire ended up leaving the nominations the same by putting Sarah Beth Steagall and Kyland Young back on the block. It was the plan that Tiffany had hatched to get Sarah Beth out of the game.

Hannah Chaddha then won the Power of Veto and she used it to take Xavier Prather off the block. Since Xavier was the third nominee due to a punishment from a previous Veto Competition, Claire did not have to name a replacement.

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Sarah Beth got evicted from the Big Brother house and became the third member of the BB23 jury. Big Brother 23, Episode 25 came to an end with the beginning of an Endurance Challenge that would decide the new Head of Household.

Big Brother 23, Episode 26 recap

After the opening credits rolled, Kyland had a Diary Room session where he spoke about how sad he was that Sarah Beth got evicted.

Then, Tiffany had her own DR where she laughed at getting Sarah Beth out of the house.

Who won the Endurance Challenge?

A tough Endurance Challenge was shown in the backyard where all eight houseguests started competing to take over the power in the house.

Some footage was shown where it was insinuated that Tiffany was supposed to throw the challenge to let someone else in The Cookout win it, but would everything go according to that plan for the alliance?

Derek Frazier fell from the challenge first. Alyssa Lopez fell shortly after that when she got dizzy. Claire quit the challenge a short time after that.

Derek, Alyssa, and Claire became the three Have-Nots for the week.

Hannah and Xavier were the next two people out, leaving just Azah, Kyland, and Tiffany trying to become Head of Household.

After Azah fell, Kyland wanted Tiffany to drop so that he could be the new HOH. She didn’t, though, and Kyland fell after the challenge had lasted a little more than 36 minutes.

Tiffany Mitchell became the HOH for a second time this summer.

The fallout of Tiffany winning another BB23 HOH

Claire was shown to be very excited about Tiffany winning the Endurance Challenge. She also made jokes about other people being mad about it. Claire said that she was guaranteed a spot in the final seven now.

Xavier had a DR session where he complained a lot about Tiffany winning the HOH and he was not happy that he might get nominated as a pawn again. Kyland appeared equally mad and Azah was shown in a DR session complaining that nobody threw her an HOH win.

Derek F was shown having a breakdown about constantly losing challenges and Azah tried to help him feel better.

Another segment came later where Xavier and Azah continued complaining about Tiffany and Kyland trying to win HOH.

A tense Nomination Ceremony on Big Brother 23

Tiffany nominated Alyssa and Xavier for eviction. She did so to protect Claire and to use Xavier as a pawn. Tiffany’s plan was for Claire to win the next HOH and go after the guys instead of her.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23, Episode 26 recap. We also have some spoilers about what comes next shared below.

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds

Here are the results from the Big Brother Veto Competition that was played over the weekend. It sets the stage for the next Eviction Ceremony.

There are also some interesting Big Brother live feed spoilers about someone from The Cookout revealing the alliance. Here is the video of that moment for the BB23 cast.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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