Toy Story 4 post credits scene: What happens after the ending?

It’s been eight years since Disney/Pixar brought the magic of Toy Story to theaters, but fans are now lining up at theaters for the fourth installment. The new Toy Story 4 film is expected to dominate the box offices in the brief layover between Avengers: Endgame and Marvel’s next film Spider-Man: Far From Home. Meanwhile,


Child’s Play reboot poster trolls Toy Story 4

A new poster for the upcoming Child’s Play reboot shared on Twitter earlier today grimly trolls Toy Story 4, apparently as a dire warning of the box office clash ahead as both movies are set to hit theaters on June 21, 2019. The poster, captioned: “There’s a new sheriff in town. Meet your new best

Who is the voice of Forky the spork on Toy Story 4?

Disney released the first full-length trailer for Toy Story 4. The trailer is the first to reveal the plot of the movie, which will follow Forky, a new toy made by Bonnie. It’s a spork who isn’t sure whether it’s a good enough toy, as it sees its primary purpose as a feeding tool. However,

Toy Story 4: Keanu Reeve’s character is Duke Caboom

The first full-length trailer for Toy Story 4 was released this morning and it introduced the emotional story that will be told in this fourth feature-length movie following the toys, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and their friends. But in the trailer, which was shared on Disney’s Pixar’s YouTube channel today, another character is introduced. The clip

Hot Wheels is next toy to become a movie after Barbie

Watch out Toy Story 4, more toys will be following your lead soon. Today, Warner Bros. announced that they are in the process of creating a new live-action movie based on the iconic racing cars Hot Wheels. This is the second partnership between Mattel, the maker of the toy cars since 1968, after announcing that

Toy Story 4 brings back Bo Peep character in a big way

Although rumored for a long time now, Disney/Pixar has made it official: Bo Peep is back. The porcelain lamp character and former love interest of Woody will be featured in Toy Story 4. Though still voiced by actress Annie Potts, this Bo Peep has a decidedly different look and attitude. “She is modern, independent, capable

Toy Story 4 cast: Disney hints at new characters for upcoming sequel with Forky

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch hasn’t even been in theaters for a week and suddenly Disney is drawing attention to next summer’s release of Toy Story 4. They’re even teasing a new character in the upcoming animated film but he’s not really a toy, is he? Disney/Pixar’s new teaser trailer features favorite characters holding hands and floating

Toy Story 4’s USA release date, cast and plot

New details have been released about Toy Story 4 — but when is its release date and what is the plot going to be about? It has been eight years since Toy Story 3 was released by Pixar so fans of the movie franchise are unsurprisingly excited for the fourth installment. Toy Story 4 cast