Toy Story 4 post credits scene: What happens after the ending?

woody and bo peep in toy story 4
Woody and Bo Peep are back in Disney/Pixar’s new film Toy Story 4. Pic credit: Pixar

It’s been eight years since Disney/Pixar brought the magic of Toy Story to theaters, but fans are now lining up at theaters for the fourth installment.

The new Toy Story 4 film is expected to dominate the box offices in the brief layover between Avengers: Endgame and Marvel’s next film Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Meanwhile, those who are waiting to see the film at home, or left theaters at the end, may want to know about an interesting Toy Story 4 post credit scene that happens after the ending.

Toy Story 4 bringing rave reviews, great revenue

The latest installment in the popular Toy Story series is already drawing positive reviews pretty much across the board.

At the Rotten Tomatoes website which generates an aggregate review percentage, TS4 currently has a 98 percent out of 100. That’s a great rating as it tops the 94 percent that Avengers: Endgame and 89 percent that Rocketman scored.

The Rotten Tomatoes site also collects user reviews and currently has the number at 95 percent after over 2,000 user-generated scores. Basically, the critics and fans believe this is one to head out and see in theaters.

It’s expected to bring quite a bit of revenue this weekend at the box office. The Box Office Mojo site is reporting that Toy Story 4 could set the record for an animated film’s debut at theaters.

It will have to top $182.6 million to do so as that is the current record held by last year’s Incredibles 2. That animated movie, about superheroes dealing with their real lives and responsibilities along with saving the world, went on to earn $608 million total.

What happens in the Toy Story 4 post credit scene? [Spoilers]

For those who don’t plan to see the film, or who may have left too early, there’s a special Toy Story 4 after-credits scene after the movie’s ending. If you’re planning to see the film, you may want to avoid reading on for the spoilers. If not, here goes.

During a mid-credits scene, we see it’s one year after the main story ended in the movie. Bonnie is now in first grade. Jessie ends up bringing home Knifey, a new friend that is a pretty new plastic knife Bonnie created.

Forky instantly takes a liking to Knifey and wants to act as a mentor for the new character in her journey. However, Knifey poses the question, “Why am I even alive?” This brings a confused look to Forky.

In the video below, is a breakdown of what the movie’s overall message is. Viewers will see how the big picture plays in with that after credits scene.

It all relates to the idea of finding one’s purpose which the movie deals with. It’s about regaining that zest for life and a reason to keep going.

In the movie, Woody rediscovers Bo Peep and other toys along the way to helping out Forky. The movie closes with he and Bo Peep moving on to go help other toys find their purposes or meanings in life. It’s a great metaphor for life in general.

That’s why the ending question from Knifey puzzles Forky so much. However, it’s because this new toy hasn’t yet learned to find that purpose as she’s just been brought to life. With Forky there to help, she may ultimately find that meaning and purpose.

The new Toy Story 4 movie is now showing in RealD 3D, Dolby Cinema, and IMAX theaters.

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