Exclusive: Parker’s sneaky paydirt plan makes Tony Beets see red on Gold Rush finale

The Gold Rush finale tonight pits Tony Beets against Parker Schnabel. It appeared that Beets, Gold Rush’s savviest landlord and gold miner, had Schnabel right where he wanted him. Which was under his thumb and paying the rent on his lease, kicking up the profits of the profanity-loving Dutchman. Beets is a clever businessman. Todd Hoffman told

Gold Rush recap: Feuds, flashbacks and gambles in Season 8 premiere

The premiere of Gold Rush Season 8 revealed right out of the gate just how much hostility exists between Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel. Todd told us in a recent no-holds-barred interview that Parker inherited his fortunate place among the miners. The big hook this season is that Todd bets Parker 100 ounces of gold

Exclusive: Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel clash on Gold Rush Season 8 premiere

Parker Schnabel clashes with an irate Tony Beets in our exclusive clip from the premiere of Gold Rush Season 8. Schnabel is moving dirt when Beets drives up in a rush to confront the young miner about why he is on Beets’ property. In a typical profanity-filled greeting, Beets barks at Schnabel: “What the f***

Gold Rush star Tony Beets fined $31,000 over ‘Viking baptism’ fire stunt

Gold Rush star Tony Beets has been fined $31,000 for allowing employees to set a pond alight with gasoline — in a stunt which appeared on the show. The 57-year-old miner and his company, Tamarack Inc., were hit with the penalty by a judge at the Yukon territorial court. The prosecuting attorneys reportedly wanted Beets