Exclusive: Parker’s sneaky paydirt plan makes Tony Beets see red on Gold Rush finale

Tony Beets
Beets cannot believe his eyes as Ashley powers a dump truck filled with Parker’s paydirt right through his camp on the Gold Rush finale

The Gold Rush finale tonight pits Tony Beets against Parker Schnabel. It appeared that Beets, Gold Rush’s savviest landlord and gold miner, had Schnabel right where he wanted him.

Which was under his thumb and paying the rent on his lease, kicking up the profits of the profanity-loving Dutchman.

Beets is a clever businessman. Todd Hoffman told us: “Tony is a survivor. You could probably put the guy on Mars and he’d scratch out a living somehow.”

Tonight’s show sees Beets take on heir-apparent Schnabel, who has struck out in a bold move for independence.

About two weeks ago, wanting to break free from his landlord, Parker spent a cool half a million bucks on his first ever Klondike claim.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip from the finale, he says: “It’s definitely nice not to have to deal with Tony anymore and, like, on this ground we don’t have to pay them any royalties.”

But with every silver lining comes that potential black cloud.

Logistically, the land Parker purchased has Beets’ property between it and the plant where the paydirt is sluiced and sorted. How to get the dirt from Parker’s claim to his plant Big Red is the big issue on tonight’s finale.

Parker Schnabel
Schnabel devises a sneaky plan to end-run the dirt out his new stake and over to Big Red

Trying to choke Parker out of his land, Tony cut off the water supply making it impossible to sluice on the new stake.

This led to Parker confronting Beets and saying: “You can’t deny us water!” This elicited a snort from Beets, who asked: “Why would I make it easy on you?”

So with that challenge, Rick Ness and Parker hatch a daring plan. They will haul the paydirt to Big Red, driving it right through Tony Beets’ plant and encampment.

Will this go over well with the Beets crew? F*** no!

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Parker explains the challenge: “I don’t know if this is gonna work because we’re really not allowed to sluice other ground on Tony’s property but, at this point, we’ve got nothing left to lose.”

Parker’s last-ditch plan will see this mined paydirt dug up from the mud hole and get trucked right through Tony’s camp four miles back to his plant, Big Red at Indian River. No problem, right?

But with Minnie and Monica watching through the office windows and Tony fuming in the dust, Schnabel crew member Ashley Youle is the one driving the big dump truck right through Tony’s camp with a big smile on her face.

Watch tonight to see what the Dutchman does in retaliation!

Gold Rush airs Friday at 9/8c on Discovery.

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