Gold Rush exclusive: Parker’s new toy is a huge off-road fuel truck

The next episode of Gold Rush on Discovery is coming during this challenging season as Tony Beets continues his empire making with his kids. Meanwhile, Parker Schnabel is covering a ton of ground even though he hired a comely spy to see what his crew were up too a few weeks back. But this episode

What happened to Ashley on Gold Rush? Why did she leave Parker?

On Discovery’s Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel had a popular girlfriend for a few years. However, this relationship with Ashley Youle has ended and there are rumors that he’s dating a new woman, British beauty Sheena Cowell. Over a year ago, Parker Schnabel announced that he and Ashley Youle, his girlfriend of over two years, were

Parker Schnabel witnesses perils of underground mining on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail

On tonight’s Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Parker Schnabel visits a network of perilous subterranean mines which have claimed the lives of over a hundred miners. The bodies of many of those who have perished inside the tunnels searching for gold have never been recovered. Parker and cameraman Sam Brown witness the dangers first hand as