Gold Rush exclusive: Dennis wipes out causing a huge overturned truck for Team Parker Schnabel

This is what happens when you drive a huge multi-ton truck 100 MPH on a dirt road that is uneven, Pic credit: Discovery
This is what happens when you drive a huge multi-ton truck 100 MPH on a dirt road that is uneven. Pic credit: Discovery

On Friday night’s no miss episode of Gold Rush, the season may be winding down, but a real calamity goes down for Parker Schnabel’s crew as Dennis Bogart overturns a truck hauling tons of pay dirt.

Let me repeat that: Dennis FLIPS a multi-ton truck over completely! And we have no idea what his condition is so you have to tune in to watch the entire episode.

The guys watch it all happen and are in complete disbelief as Dennis is apparently fine for one minute, then bam, we do not see if he is injured or not as the entire vehicle flips over. It’s wild footage. And it’s going to cost Parker Schnabel time and money.

In our exclusive clip, we see Dennis Bogart, Aaron Bo, and Brennan Ruault all in their respective vehicles as Parker radios them all and gives the marching orders, as the dirt is flying and the back and forth from the cut to the wash plant is a fast and furious route.

These huge trucks are flying at really unsafe speeds so it is really no surprise that someone got hurt. OSHA and a safety inspector would have a field day here writing up fines left and right.

What the heck, Team Schnabel?

In a bid to move 400 loads in 12 hours, co-foreman Brennan Ruault faces a tough challenge. Fill each rock truck in the crater cut, have it hauled half a mile to the pay pile, and come back to the cut, ready to load in just five minutes.

We open with Brennan Ruault who says: “Parker just radioed me, which means I have to make sure I haul enough pay down to both those wash plants to run for 24 hours straight because we only load for 12…it’s go, go, go, go, go to try and keep these plants running.”

In the next cut, Aaron says: “Oh we’re having a tough time…Brendan’s goals [are] 400 truckloads a day and we’re hauling ass f***ing hard to keep up.”

Then we see Dennis in his truck who says: “It’s gonna be a long end of the season to get all this pay dirt out, but obviously Parker’s calculator works different than everybody else’s so he’s doing the paying so he’ll do the saying, I guess.”

And now with the trucks whizzing by at near 100 miles an hour, Brennan is suddenly alert to Dennis’ out of control speed in his truck, and says: “Dennis!!” As Dennis flips his truck and the guys spill out of their rigs to get to his rescue. It’s probably the most dramatic clip we have ever put up for this show.

As fans have watched, the season has been a tough one too for former Schnabel crew boss Rick Ness, while the Viking Tony Beets has been cleaning up.

Exclusive preview of Friday’s Gold Rush:

In the frame, Dennis is tearing by Brennan at an unsafe speed and everyone who is watching is freaking out.

A huge crash is heard and Brennan jumps out of his rig to run over to the overturned truck.

Check out the exclusive Gold Rush clip below to see what happens.


Gold Rush airs on Friday nights at 9/8c on Discovery.

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