Gold Rush exclusive: Parker Schnabel’s new gold find sets up next season and future for his crew

Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel has insured his crew has a job for next season on the next episode. Pic credit: Discovery.
Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel has insured his crew has a job for next season on the next episode. Pic credit: Discovery.

On Friday night’s exciting episode of Gold Rush, Discovery Channel’s top-rated television series, we have an exclusive clip that shows Parker Schnabel is raking in the gold ore in a new spot he has decided to focus upon.

The clip also reveals his crew, lead by Brennan Ruault and his Parker’s Trail companion Fred Lewis, are worried about earning a living next year when they decide if they are going to mine for gold in the area.

Looking over the river and checking out the spot, Parker says to Brennan: “Get this ground opened up and see if we can find some pay.”

At the ready, Brennan replies: “Okay…” Then it takes Brennan an hour to dig out a pile of pay for the testing to suss out the spot they are at.

Looking anxious about this test run, Brennan explains and shares his fears: “We need something to pay off because none of us know where we are going next season.”

He adds: “All this stuff [soil and rock] getting to it sure does look nice.”

Coming over to inspect, Parker says to him: “Find us some bedrock? Alright, Let’s get started!”

Fred Lewis says to Parker: “The trommel is working, rocks on the top and pay dirt in the bottom…It looks good, right? Like the [right] type of dirt?”

Poker-faced Parker says: “We won’t know until we pan it.”

After drawing a blank at the Indian River, Parker’s hopes for next season now rest on the contents (or not) of this test pan.

But it’s all good, and the guys are elated as a smiling Parker walks over with the test pan, and it has some shiny golden good news.

He says: “Let me show you what we’ve got…I think that’s pretty good because it was only half a yard [of pay dirt processed], that one.”

And after two more pans with similar results, Parker has a big decision to make on his next season.

Looking pleased about all this outcome, Parker says: “At the end of the day and the tests here, for me, they’re promising. For finding gold we’re finding pay.

“There’s a huge pile of mining in history on this [Indian] Creek. Tens of thousands of ounces to come out of here before, and there’s miles of it that haven’t been mined that’s available to us right now.”

The season was a tough one for Parker initially

Earlier this season, Parker Schnabel had to do some drastic things to make sure his crew was efficient and doing the work they were hired to do.

This involved hiring a spy right out of college who never worked in a plant in her life. That move angered his team.

Gold Rush exclusive clip here:

Watch as the apprehension turns to elation as the test run of pans sluiced reveals the guys may well have a job for next season on Gold Rush:

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9 pm on Discovery.

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