Fears for Parker Schnabel and his team’s safety on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail finale

Parker Schnabel
A worried looking Parker Schnabel after hearing about the possible unrest

On tonight’s Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail finale, Parker Schnabel and his team are left fearing for their safety — when they find themselves right at the center of an unsettling land dispute.

The risks of trying to find riches in Guyana suddenly become very real for Parker, Rick Ness, Karla Ann and Sam Brown when they hear they are at risk of getting caught up in local unrest.

The show has seen them set up their own mine as a modern-day gold rush sweeps the small South American country. But land disputes and even violence are a feature of every gold rush in history, and Guyana is no exception.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, Parker speaks to a group of men who warn him there is “unrest” in the area and to be vigilant.

Parker Schnabel
A worried looking Parker Schnabel after hearing about the possible unrest

Trying to put Rick Ness at ease, he says: “We’re good, Ricky, hopefully that’s the last we see him.

“The weird thing was they were talking about a bunch of land disputes that are going on…and that they’re here trying to deal with a bunch of problems and unrest.

“They said ‘just keep to yourself and we should be fine out here’… but it was pretty weird.”

Looking concerned, Ness says: “That is weird.” There is an evident air of uncertainty as to whether things could turn violent, as Parker adds: “We are very out of place here.”

Rick Ness
Rick Ness looks uneasy as Parker reports back to the group about what he was told

Karla Ann, looking worried, says: “I just want to make sure our team watches their backs and just stay safe out here, do what we can. But no, I mean we stick out like a sore thumb in this community and this place is rowdy.”

Photographer Sam Brown is also on guard, adding: “The word ‘unrest’ is pretty unsettling you know? I don’t know…we can only deal with the problems as they come along…so try not to overthink it, I guess.”

The Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail finale airs tonight, Friday, April 27 at 9/8c on Discovery.

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Daniel Ring
Daniel Ring
11 months ago

In the PPG segment Parker made friends with the head of a family named Simon, wgo showed Parker his coffee and gold mining operations. Simon wanted to set up a clinic for his family. How do I get in touch with Simon to set up a medical clinic.
Thank you,
Dan Ring