Gold Rush exclusive: Parker’s new toy is a huge off-road fuel truck

Parker Schnabel is a kid at heart inside his new million dollar truck toy, aimed to streamline the work. Pic credit: Discovery.
Parker Schnabel is a kid at heart inside his new million-dollar truck toy, aimed to streamline the work. Pic credit: Discovery.

The next episode of Gold Rush on Discovery is coming during this challenging season as Tony Beets continues his empire making with his kids.

Meanwhile, Parker Schnabel is covering a ton of ground even though he hired a comely spy to see what his crew were up too a few weeks back. But this episode shows how Parker is still a kid at heart.

One thing is for sure, Parker Schnabel loves him some Tonka Trucks — the really big ones that cost millions of dollars.

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In our exclusive clip, Parker is inside the cab of a ginormous new fuel truck with tires the size of buildings.

He says: “This thing’s awesome!” He smiles with pure joy as he drives this thing through muddy, watery dirt that would generally suck a truck down in the muck. Yes, that is my Gold Rush alliteration of the week, enjoy.

Our trusty narrator explains that Parker Schnabel has taken delivery of his off-road fuel truck initially designed for logging. You can see the mods on it as the place where logs now hold a tank.

This skitter carries over two and a half thousand gallons of fuel and comes with 60-inch flotation tires, a 204 horsepower engine, and a nine-foot blade. It can go anywhere it wants to!

Parker’s man Brennan Ruault seems to be in better spirits than the week prior when Parker busted a spy on him. He says: “What the… is that the new fuel truck? That thing is sick!”

There’s a reason for this truck. Time is money in their game, and the fuel proximity saves the time Brennan burns every week by halving fuel brought to him in the cluster cut.

It takes the Schnabel team four thousand yards of dirt closer to their ambition of mining out the entire claim

As fans remember, Brennan wasn’t so jazzed about Parker a week or so ago. Parker brought on a beautiful college grad named Jessica, who never mined in her life, and her job was to spy on Parker’s crew.

Jessica’s sole mission was to ensure the workflow is good at the plant and no one goldbricks — namely, Brennan Ruault and the gang who pull paychecks from Parker.

And poor Jessica tried her best to calm the ranks, but ever tactless, Parker cut to the chase.

He said: “Yeah, I mean… I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. She’s gonna be kind of up your sh**.” He later says, “It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s really that I don’t trust myself [and] we’ve got a mountain to climb this year, and I want to find the best way to do that.”

Jessica was shocked at how Parker talked to his crew. She said: “Is it ever awkward if there is someone who is… I guess… being unproductive for a week?”

Parker put a fine point on her mission. “Just fire them.”

Adding to the cold-hearted crew boss cred, Parker said: “We don’t have time for redemption.”

Make sure to tune in to see if parker’s new fuel truck helps the mood overall and if Tony and Rick are cleaning up in the gold department:

Off Road Fuel Truck | Gold Rush

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9 pm on Discovery.

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