Exclusive: Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel clash on Gold Rush Season 8 premiere

Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets on the Gold Rush premiere
The season of Gold Rush explodes in the premiere with Beets and Schnabel facing off

Parker Schnabel clashes with an irate Tony Beets in our exclusive clip from the premiere of Gold Rush Season 8.

Schnabel is moving dirt when Beets drives up in a rush to confront the young miner about why he is on Beets’ property. In a typical profanity-filled greeting, Beets barks at Schnabel: “What the f*** are you doing? You kinda lost or something?”

Parker says to the camera before he faces Beets: “Well, now is as good a time as ever!” Beets then turns up the heat, saying to Parker: “What the f*** are you doing in my backyard anyway?”

Parker explains: “Well, uh… I’m on a lease with Ken and Stewart on the ground right next to you.” Beets says: “No f*****’ way!”

Resigned to the overdue confrontation, Schnabel tells Beets: “I’m done jumping through hoops…all you do is you move the hoops around and make me dive through them.”

Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets on the Gold Rush premiere
The pair clash as Beets tells Parker he’s going to make his life difficult this season

“Well… so far that’s worked,” says Beets. “For you,” says Parker, adding: “I’m just trying to have a good long-term place, which you’ve always made pretty difficult, and a lease that doesn’t have a bunch of bull**** Tony.”

Beets replies: “Why would I make it easy on you? Where you gonna get your water?”

“I guess I’m going over there,” says Parker pointing over to Tony’s land, adding: “Your ground…So, you’re not gonna make this easy?”

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Cutting to the chase, Beets lays it out, saying: “I’m not sure if I can stop you or not, but I can sure make things f****** difficult if I choose to do so…from now on, I’m gonna be on your f****** case, quite simple. Parker, you have yourself a good day.”

Parker is at a stalemate with the bad-tempered Viking of the cast. He answers: “Whatever, Tony.” In true Gold Rush fashion, Beets then leaves in a hail of f-bombs…

Gold Rush premieres this Friday, October 13, at 9/8c on Discovery.

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