Gold Rush exclusive: Tony Beets is going to ‘make some bleeping money’, has major advantage

On tonight’s Gold Rush episode on Discovery Channel, it is advantage Tony Beets as he takes a lead in getting gold from the ground with his plants all working to rake the shiny bits out of the paydirt.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, Tony opens the shot while explaining the strategy for Team Beets.

It hinges on Monica Beets, his daughter, who has her plant running nicely, while Tony has an enormous pile of paydirt waiting to be sluiced and juiced to sort out the gold from the soil.

It looks to be a great day for him, as famously foul-mouthed Tony says: “Today we gotta get Monica’s plant going. I mean here we are, we got a f****** pay pile and we got the cut ready and everything is ready. Today we will make some f****** money.”

Then we pan over to Kevin Beets, Monica Beets’ brother (who she is in some slight competition with) as he explains: “Today we are putting on a new feeder, we are going to slide that into place and hopefully life will be easier.”

Monica's wash plant is finally up and running, and Beets loves it. Pic credit: Discovery
Monica’s wash plant is finally up and running, and Beets loves it. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

Tony Beets and his daughter Monica Beets walk over to her plant to survey the new rig.

Beets is proud and smiling like he ate the canary. He says: “Well, how do you like it, Monica?”

Looking pretty pleased with the day so far, Monica says to her dad: “Looks good, with this you only need two people to run in night shifts, right there that doubles your income.”

Tony agrees that it is a lot better now and it makes financial sense too. Monica puts the Beets “fine point” on it, replying: “F*** yeah.”

The replacement feeder she has running is capable of moving two hundred yards of pay dirt an hour.

“Let’s see what we can get out of it,” Tony says as he fires up the feeder.

The little acorn does not fall far from the f****** tree. “It is really great to see this thing running…it’s f****** awesome!” says Monica.

Her wash plant is finally up and running as Tony has five trucks going, three excavators, two dozers…and he thinks they will open up more soil to sluice. He’s feeling pretty good about where Team Beets is standing in the race to get the gold.

Meanwhile, Beets’ nemesis Parker Schnabel is dealing with bad equipment and the void left by his foreman Rick Ness who has struck out on his own.

Schnabel and Beets are now squarely at loggerheads, while Ness is trying to learn the ropes as he goes along.

Schnabel’s continued head-to-head battles seems to be with the seasoned miner, Beets, who seems to have better luck this season than Schnabel.

But it’s all in a day’s work, don’t think that these guys cannot have a laugh together.

In our exclusive interview, we asked them about their relationships with each other.

Beets replied: “No, I think overall we get along pretty good. We have the odd dispute, but don’t let it spoil your whole day. I mean, who the hell cares right? Get over it, carry on.”

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery

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