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Gold Rush exclusive: Crane dismantling is a white-knuckle ride for Tony Beets and his crew

Tony Beets on Gold Rush
Tony Beets’ expression says it all as the team carry out their precarious dismantling operation

On the next Gold Rush, our exclusive clip shows Tony Beets monitoring a critical dissection and repair using a crane — and it’s fraught with danger.

Eyeballing the precarious tonnage of metal above his crew’s heads, he gives orders with trepidation for some final bolts to be cut, adding: “Let’s see what happens!”

Mike is guided by Tony as he steers the crane and things appear to be going smoothly when, suddenly, Tony sees something wrong.

“This thing is going to f****** roll on us,” he says, as they look upward to see the rusted behemoth hanging by what seems to be a metal thread.

Gold Rush crane scene
The dismantling crew look on fearfully as the huge metal structure swings at them

Tony has the crew remove the single rope sling and replace it with a stabilizing solid metal four-chain bridal sling to try and prevent potential disaster.

Phil and Len then cut the top beam, but as it comes loose the huge structure surges into the air with a bang, then swings right back at them…

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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