Monica Beets gets married on Gold Rush, after Tony Beets was on his best bleeping behavior on Say Yes to the Dress

Gold Rush’s Tony Beets on his best &^%$*&^ behavior on Say Yes to the Dress. Pic credit: TLC

Monica Beets gets married on tonight’s Gold Rush — but only after dad Tony Beets promised to be on his best bleeping behavior while helping her pick out her dress!

Monica got married to husband Taylor Mayes in August of 2018 in Dawson City, Yukon, with footage of the big day playing out on this week’s episode.

In the build-up, Monica and mom Minnie are shown getting anxious about whether Tony’s even going to show up.

But an episode of Say Yes to the Dress last year showed the drama started well before the actual wedding day, as Tony helped with the dress-buying process — while failing miserably to watch his language.

In one scene, Tony told producers, “Before coming here, Minnie and Monica, they made me look at a couple of episodes, because they said ‘you’re going to have to behave yourself’. So today I’m pretty much going to be on my best f***ing behavior.”

In an interview with Minnie, she was forced to stop him mid-sentence after he said “I don’t give a s*** about the cost,” with Minnie elbowing him and saying under her breath, “Watch the language!”

Despite that, the dress-picking was evidently a success, as photos from Monica’s big day showed the Beets family including Tony, Minnie, her brother Kevin and others all there to celebrate — with her wearing a stunning gown.

The show-stopper Monica eventually went with was a full-length armless and backless wedding gown with a dramatic lace train. Father of the bride Tony also looked smashing in a beautifully tailored suit, while mother Minnie wore a gorgeous floral dress.

Kevin even had his nails done so he could be a “bromaid”.

In an exclusive interview with Monsters and Critics, Monica Beets has previously talked at length about her family and dad Tony — including how she thinks she’s his “favorite” of all his children.

M&C: I think your father’s very progressive in his views about women and the jobs they do in mining. Can you talk about your dad?

Monica: Dad’s both. He doesn’t care what your gender is, if you’re sitting on a piece of equipment, girls can do it just as well as men can, sometimes even better.

But if it’s heavy lifting or shoveling or labor, doesn’t matter if you’ve got five girls, the one guy is going to be taken for that because ‘it’s not a girl’s job’.

If something needs to be cleaned, apparently that’s what we’re good for. He’s both. He’s old-fashioned, but…I don’t know.

M&C: It’s obvious that he’s very proud of you. It appears your dad probably loves all his children equally, but you seem to be…

Monica: I’m his favorite.

M&C: There’s no doubt that you love your dad. I was wondering if you can talk about the things that you…the qualities about your father that you really admire.

Monica: I don’t know. I admire his ambition, I really like how he works. He knows what he needs to do, he gets it done. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts.

If something goes wrong, he doesn’t dwaddle, he just goes on to the next plan and keeps going. He doesn’t let things get to him.

Watch the emotional footage of her wedding tonight on Gold Rush!

Gold Rush air Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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