The Flash recap: Did Barry kill the Speed Force?

This week on The Flash, Wally comes to visit family and friends in Central City but comes with news that something is wrong with the Speed Force. Barry has noticed certain glitches in his powers but just tried to ignore it in hopes that it would work itself out. Wally is connected to the Speed


The Flash promo: Wally/Kid Flash returns in The Death of the Speed Force

The promo for next week’s new episode of The Flash reunites the family. However, something has gone wrong with the Speed Force that could threaten everything in The Death of the Speed Force. What does the promo reveal about next week’s episode? If Barry had trouble last week adjusting to changes after Crisis, this is


The Flash season 6 episode 13 recap: Grodd Friended Me

So much has changed after Crisis that Barry can’t even find the cemetery where his parents are buried. Where their graves were is now a highway overpass, and Barry feels lost, not knowing where they are. His search is interrupted by a meta alert. Hartley Rathaway is robbing a jewelry store in town (why do


The Flash promo: Barry teams up with Gorilla Grodd in Grodd Friended Me

A lot is going on in this week’s promo for The Flash, including the return of Grodd (David Sobolov) and what looks like the flesh and blood return of Harry Wells. But that’s just the beginning of what the trailer for Grodd Friended Me can tell us. The promo opens with the Flash speeding through


Sue Dearbon on The Flash: Who is she in the DC comics?

The latest episode of The Flash introduced a new character and she is a very familiar face to DC Comics readers. However, the name Sue Dearbon might have some fans confused. That is because Sue Dearbon is the maiden name of the woman who later became known as Sue Dibny, the wife of Ralph Dibny,


The Flash season 6 episode 12 recap: A Girl Named Sue

Still trapped in the mirror prison after last week’s episode of The Flash, Iris desperately tries to find a way home before her Mirror Clone can do any damage at home. Fortunately, Iris isn’t alone in her mirror prison.  Eva McColloch (Efrat Dor), the co-founder of McColloch Technologies and wife of Black Hole leader Joseph


The Flash promo: Iris is trapped in a mirror in A Girl Named Sue

Last week on The Flash, it was revealed that Iris was trapped in a mirror prison while a Mirror Iris infiltrated her life with Barry, Team Flash, and Team Citizen on the other side. Does the promo for A Girl Named Sue have any clues for what’s coming next? The promo focuses very heavily on


The Flash season 6 episode 11 recap: Love Is a Battlefield

Iris escapes from the mirror (or is she just on the other side?), but there’s no explanation or idea of what happened in the meantime. She seems fine, but when she gets home, she can cook and speak Italian. Barry is mostly surprised and impressed at first, but it soon looks like she’s hiding something.


The Flash promo: Barry and Iris clash in Love Is a Battlefield

Last time on The Flash, Iris got pulled into a mirror. But now she’s out, somehow, and Barry thinks she’s acting strangely. Did something happen to her, or is this just a new phase in their relationship? Here’s what the promo tells us. Iris looks beautiful as she and Barry share a fancy dinner in