The Flash season 6 episode 11 recap: Love Is a Battlefield

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) face down Amunet (Katee Sackoff) in The Flash. Pic credit: The CW
Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) face down Amunet (Katee Sackoff) in The Flash. Pic credit: The CW

Iris escapes from the mirror (or is she just on the other side?), but there’s no explanation or idea of what happened in the meantime. She seems fine, but when she gets home, she can cook and speak Italian. Barry is mostly surprised and impressed at first, but it soon looks like she’s hiding something.

When Barry mentions her injured arm, Iris says it stings, but it seems like she’s improvising to cover something up. Is this a mirror Iris who was never injured, and she’s just trying to keep her cover?

Barry and Iris have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at a fancy restaurant, but it is predictably interrupted.

Amunet Black (Katee Sackoff) stages a robbery and takes a piece of mysterious tech from one of the diners. Barry can’t exactly speed up and take her down without revealing his identity, so he tries to arrest her as a member of the CCPD.

Of course, Amunet knows Barry’s secret identity, so she threatens to reveal it unless he lets her go. He has no choice, so she gets away. Team Flash won’t give up without a fight, so Barry and Iris do things the old fashioned way and fish for intel.

Iris goes into a well known criminal bar to get info on Amunet’s next location while Barry stays in the van outside. He’s nervous for her, but Iris handles herself perfectly.

She bashes a bottle over the bouncer’s head when he questions her intentions, which convinces the bartender and everyone in the bar that she’s okay. Without knowing anything else about her, the bartender gives up Amunet’s next target so Iris can find her.

Amunet steals another piece of tech from Ivo, but before Barry and Iris can do anything about it, Goldface arrives to confront Amunet. They used to date, and the acrimonious break up is the foundation of a new gang war.

They’ve been stealing from each other and get into an argument about who should have gotten their vinyl collection when they broke up. 

They both get away while Barry is busy saving a security guard, but Iris manages to steal the tech from the case while they’re busy fighting. Now they have the upper hand, and Iris wants to use the tech to lure Amunet and Goldface into a trap.

Barry thinks her plan is reckless, and Iris feels sidelined. They have a fight when Iris feels like Barry hasn’t recognized all her growth and accomplishments. Maybe she’s right.

Barry and Iris clash on The Flash, but is it really Iris? 

While Barry is confiding in Joe about his relationship, Iris takes matters into her own hands and approaches Amunet to make a deal. Based on the stolen tech, Iris has figured out that Amunet wants to steal a rare orchid whose pollen has the potential to be synthesized into a telepathic narcotic.

Amunet wants it for the ability to obtain codes and combinations, but Iris convinces her that she wants it for the ability to get closer to her husband.

So they team up, but before Amunet can steal the orchid, Goldface also shows up with his gang. An epic fight follows as Flash speeds in to save Iris and incapacitate the rest of the gang members. They decide it would be better if Amunet and Goldface got back together.

Iris suggests burning the orchid, which releases the pollen and affects Amunet and Goldface. Now that they can read each other’s minds, they both realize they’re still in love with each other and makeup.

Back at home, Barry apologizes to Iris for not properly recognizing all her accomplishments. They make up, but just when it seems like Barry’s instincts were off, and Iris’s issues were just due to her growth as a person, it turns out that she really is a mirror Iris. 

Iris (Candice Patton) tries to warn Barry (Grant Gustin) about her mirror self. Pic credit: The CW
Iris (Candice Patton) tries to warn Barry (Grant Gustin) about her mirror self. Pic credit: The CW

As Mirror Iris hugs Barry, Iris yells from the other side of the mirror, trying to warn Barry that it’s not her. 

The Flash hints at Nash’s secret connection to Allegra and the return of the multiverse. 

Meanwhile, Frost tries to help Allegra reconnect with her ex for Valentine’s Day. They go to meet him at CC Jitters, but it looks like he might already have another girlfriend.

Nash is still trying to connect with Allegra, but she’s sensing his mysterious clingy-ness. She doesn’t know he had a connection with her in another reality and doesn’t understand his attachment.

When Frost feels her failure to open Allegra up to love and friendship, Nash has a unique perspective into Allegra’s mind. He tells Frost that she sees things in a very black and white way — success vs. failure — and she may need to be reminded that life happens in the gray areas.

Frost tries again with Allegra, who it turns out, broke up with her ex because she was afraid to come out to him as a meta. When she decides to sit down with him, apologize and explain, he’s excited to be friends with her again and doesn’t mind her being a meta at all. 

Frost also offers her support to Nash, who she senses has a parental connection with Allegra. She says she’s a great listener if he ever feels like talking.

But as he turns to look after her as she leaves, perhaps to say something to her or call her back, he sees a silent and stoic Harrison Wells standing across the room. When a passerby momentarily obscures nash’s view, the mystery Wells has disappeared.

Iris (Candice Patton) tries to warn Barry (Grant Gustin) about her mirror self. Pic credit: The CW
Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) may be a ghost of the multiverse. Pic credit: The CW

Is this ghostly Wells a product of Nash’s guilty conscience for inadvertently being the cause of the death of the infinity of Harrison Wellses in the multiverse, or is this a clue that a new multiverse has been created — filled with a new infinity of Wellses?

I’ll take all the Tom Cavanagh I can get, so bring it on.

Watch The Flash Tuesdays at 8/7C on The CW. 

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