The Flash promo: Wally/Kid Flash returns in The Death of the Speed Force

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) wears the tachyon enhancer on The Flash. Pic credit: The CW
Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) wears the tachyon enhancer on The Flash. Pic credit: The CW

The promo for next week’s new episode of The Flash reunites the family.

However, something has gone wrong with the Speed Force that could threaten everything in The Death of the Speed Force. What does the promo reveal about next week’s episode?

If Barry had trouble last week adjusting to changes after Crisis, this is a potential change that could have much more severe consequences.

Wally returns to The Flash, but he didn’t just come to see family, he says. Lately, he’s been sensing that something is wrong in the Speed Force. 

We see Barry and Wally hug while wearing their speedster outfits. This could be a welcome hug, or maybe, in reality, it’s in celebration of stopping a disaster.

Barry finds himself in a trippy green-tinted world with what appears to be Wally lurking quietly behind him. Is this what Speed Force sickness looks like?

Wally returns to The Flash, but he brings bad news about the Speed Force

There’s a brief callback to Barry’s speed energy outburst on Lian Yu. Did this have something to do with problems in the Speed Force? Cisco is back, and he’s taking some kind of readings on a device as Barry, Wally, and Joe look on. 

Nash Wells is tackled to the ground by a woman, maybe Allegra, to save his life or perhaps to try and restrain him. Maybe he confides in her about his visions of alternate Welles.

As distraught Barry promises that he didn’t know anyone else was affected. Whatever is going on with the Speed Force, it seems to be his fault, and he feels terrible about it.

We see Barry in the white room at STAR Labs wearing the tachyon enhancer. Is he trying to make himself faster, and why?

Is this what causes the trouble in the Speed Force, or does it have something to do with Crisis?

Where the heck is Iris and is anyone going to figure out her evil twin is running around? 

Wally claims that the Speed Force is beyond repair as we see Flash running through it with red lightning trailing behind him.

Wally confronts Barry and asks him, “What did you do?” as Barry looks appalled. Whatever he did, it’s not good. 

No sign of Iris unless she’s the shadowy figure shutting the door to the Central City Citizen office.

Last thing we knew she was still stuck in the Mirrorverse with the treacherous Eva, while Mirror Iris went about completing some dark mission. Someone has to figure out that there’s something off with Iris, right?

Watch the newest episode of The Flash on Tuesday at 8/7 C on The CW. 

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