Boston Rob’s iconic reel of Deal or No Deal Island moments had fans worried

Deal or No Deal Island shared a reel of great Boston Rob Mariano moments on their YouTube channel, and everyone started talking about it. Season 1 of the show is winding down, with only five contestants left to meet the banker, and Boston Rob is the breakout fan favorite. The other contestants know it, too,


Here’s why Deal or No Deal Island fans are calling Boston Rob ‘sincere’

Last week’s nailbiter of a Deal or No Deal Island episode had one young contestant swearing off social media because of the drama involved. Aron Barbell took the elimination of Alyssa Klinzing by Dr. Stephanie Mitchell so hard that he cried and stormed off, saying he had an anxiety attack and could not take it


Fans of Deal or No Deal Island call Boston Rob the reason it’s a hit

There is no question now: Deal or No Deal Island, the spin-off of Deal or No Deal, is a hit. The premise of the new game show is simple: The 13 contestants travel to an island “where they compete in daring challenges to find hidden briefcases worth over $200 million,” according to Rotten Tomatoes. Some


Survivor winner Rob Mariano thanks Tom Brady after QB retires from NFL

Survivor winner Rob Mariano has made no secret about his love for Boston sports. While Boston Rob is best known for frequently wearing a Boston Red Sox hat, his support of the local sports teams goes beyond just baseball. Rob is also a big fan of the New England Patriots and the team’s former quarterback,


Edge of Extinction Challenge arrives for Survivor: Winners at War cast

The Survivor: Winners at War cast is going to play the Edge of Extinction Challenge during the new episode on Wednesday night. This is the moment where everyone who has been voted off of Survivor this season gets a chance to re-enter the game. Nine people have been voted out so far, but Sandra Diaz-Twine


Survivor: Tribes react to Rob Mariano getting voted off in video preview

Rob Mariano got voted off Survivor at the last Tribal Council, and on Wednesday night, the other two tribes are shown finding it out for the first time. In the video shared below, taking place on Day 16 of Survivor: Winners at War, the Dakal and Sele Tribes learn that Rob was sent to Extinction