Deal or No Deal Island’s Aron Barbell tells how Boston Rob Mariano ‘demolished’ him in this game

Aron Barbell and Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island
Aron Barbell tells fans of the time that Boston Rob Mariano “demolished’ him at a game. Pic credit: NBC

Some Deal or No Deal Island contestants are making lifelong friendships that are still going strong after the game has already been decided.

This is especially true for Boston Rob Mariano and his new buddy, Aron Barbell.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, the duo vacationed together after filming ended. Aron got to meet Rob’s family and some of his Survivor buddies.

The group met up at a famous bar named the Flora-Bama on the Alabama and Florida state lines.

Aron had to take a social media break recently because of a problematic episode of Deal or No Deal Island, but he’s back on Instagram and recently answered some questions posed by fans.

One question has Aron sharing how his new best friend, Boston Rob, bested him at a game on vacation.

Rob completely shuts Aron out in a game of putt-putt

One question that fans posed to Aron was, “Who really won putt putt when you visited Rob???”

Aron shared that he certainly did not win that game, “Dude…I got absolutely demolished…(But it ended up being a tie between Rob and Amber!)”

Aron Barbell answers fan's questions on Instagram
Aron Barbell tells fans that Boston Rob Mariano “demolished” him at putt-putt. Pic credit: @dontcallmeayayron/Instagram

Fans asked another critical question, which many would love to know the answer to since Boston Rob is an expert in this area.

One fan asked, “Would you do Survivor?”

Rob gave a hopeful answer, “Maybe with some @bostonrobmariano lessons!”

These lessons may have started with the vacation he took with Rob. They met up with some other Survivor alum.

Aron Barbell answers fans on Instagram
Aron Barbell explains the conditions under which he would do Survivor. Pic credit: @dontcallmeayayron/Instagram

Let’s hope Aron was taking copious notes about all things Survivor and that we see him competing there, too.

Aron reveals he is ‘proud’ of Alyssa even though she betrayed him

Aron got upset and cried when his ally, Alyssa Klinzing, was sent home. He was overwhelmed when he found out she had lied about him to Rob. One question he answered on Instagram shows that he would have done the same.

After telling Alyssa that he would “avenge” her on the game, Aron learned that she lied to Rob about him when the show aired.

That gutwrenching news may also be why he took a break from social media. All seems to be well now after a fan asked, “How did it feel to see Alyssa tell Rob you were thinking about straying from him?”

After Aron confirmed he was proud of her for trying, he admitted to having “no qualms; at the end of the day, it’s a game, and you do absolutely everything to stay it!”

He then confirmed he may have done the same thing in her position.

Aron Barbell answers fan on Instagram.
Aron Barbell speaks about Alyssa Klinzing on Instagram. Pic credit: @dontcallmeayayron/Instagram

Aron may have to betray someone by the time the game ends, which may have mellowed him about Alyssa’s betrayal.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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Kathy Hummel
Kathy Hummel
1 month ago

So glad to know Rob and Aaron have a friendship outside of the game. Rob certainly brought Aaron out of his shell. Way to go Rob! Good karma!