Deal or No Deal Island’s Boston Rob Mariano has a meet up with Aron Barbell

Rob Mariano and Aron Barbell on Deal or No Deal Island
Boston Rob and Aron Barbell met up after filming Deal or No Deal Island. Pic credit: NBC

Deal or No Deal Island is heating the reality television world with a mix of old stars like Boston Rob Mariano and new fan favorites like Aron Barbell.

Both players are still going strong. Episode 5 of Deal or No Deal Season 1 ended, and only nine players are left competing in the game.

Boston Rob is a great all-around reality television player with experience on Survivor and The Amazing Race. Fans are calling for him to join Traitors Season 3.

He has teamed up with newcomer Aron Barbell, a young accountant doing surprisingly well on Deal or No Deal Island.

Most of Boston Rob’s deals with the other players are superficial and meant to let him live another week to win the big bucks in the finale.

Aron’s relationship with Boston Rob on the show is a real deal that has now branched into a real-life friendship, as he shared on his Instagram Reels.

Aron Barbell shared a photo of him and Rob Mariano along with others on his Instagram reels
Aron Barbell posted a photo on Instagram with Rob Mariano. Pic credit: @dontcallmeayayron/Instagram

Aron took a vacation with Boston Rob and lived to tell about it

Social media started blowing up, with Boston Rob and Aron sharing photos of them on vacation.

One photo showed Aron alongside Mike Turner and Jonathan Young, also from Survivor. Aron noted that he needs to work out to muscle up like the Survivor alum.

A sharp-eyed fan noticed that the group was at the Flora-Bama. The Flora-Bama website explains it is “One of the world’s top beach bars… located uniquely on the Orange Beach, Alabama and Perdido Key, Florida line.”

Fans of Deal or No Deal Island react to a photo of Aron Barbell and Rob Mariano
Fans react to a photo of Aron Barbell and Rob Mariano. Pic credit: u/Durian-Critical/Reddit

Jonathan Young and Mike Turner show up at the meet

Jonathan Young and Mike Turner from Survivor Season 42 showed up and made “A Little Deal Or No Deal Sandwich” with Boston Rob and Aron.

Is this a tease that Aron could join in on a Survivor season sometime? Or another reality show that Boston Rob could recommend for the accountant.

Fans loved the interaction and said, “Love this for Aron; a year ago, he had no idea he would be hanging out with survivor legends…”

Another fan said they would “Geek if I ran into all of y’all at the Bama!”

Then one said, “Now, these are great survivors.” One last fan said what everyone was thinking, “When my competition reality TV worlds collide.”

Fans react to Jonathan Young's post on Instagram
Pic credit: @youngstrength/Instagram

It looks like Boston Rob is taking Aron under his wing. If fans are lucky, we will see Aron in another reality competition show soon.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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