Boston Rob’s iconic reel of Deal or No Deal Island moments had fans worried

Boston Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island
Deal or No Deal Island shared a real of iconic Boston Rob moments causing fans to worry. Pic credit: NBC

Deal or No Deal Island shared a reel of great Boston Rob Mariano moments on their YouTube channel, and everyone started talking about it.

Season 1 of the show is winding down, with only five contestants left to meet the banker, and Boston Rob is the breakout fan favorite.

The other contestants know it, too, since they have all banded together to form the Night Owls group against him and his buddy, Aron Barbell.

Each week, fans comment on social media that the night Boston Rob gets voted off means the end of their watching the show.

When NBC decided to air what they called Boston Rob’s Most Iconic Moments on Deal or No Deal Island, fans thought he was getting the boot off the island.

Even the video’s caption hints that Boston Rob would be the next one off the island: “Sit back and relax on the Banker’s island with a compilation of Boston Rob’s best moments.”

Fans got concerned that the footage had a dark meaning for Rob

One fan shared what others could think: “I’m concerned that NBC is releasing this ‘iconic moments’ video because Rob is eliminated tonight.” That fan also reiterated what fans keep saying: when Rob is gone, so are they.

But fans need not worry; Rob was saved to play another week on the island. However, the video clip did not stop fans from speculating about his elimination.

Fans commented on the video footage about Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island
Pic credit: @NBC/YouTube

Another fan said, “I was so relieved ROB is still in it. I am certain he is, too…what a finish! No one seen that outcome.”

Yet another fan reassured everyone, “Rob didn’t go anywhere…this video was just to show how funny and awesome Rob is…”

Fans commented on the video footage about Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island
Pic credit: @NBC/YouTube

It could be that NBC sees Boston Rob’s talent and wants to capitalize on his fame.

He is the ultimate reality game show guy, having appeared on Survivor and The Amazing Race. There are rumors that he could appear on The Traitors at some point, too.

‘Everyone is playing Rob’s game,’ says one of the Night Owls

In a video of Season 1, episode 9 of Deal or No Deal Island, Dr. Stephanie Mitchell got upset and said of Rob, “Everyone is playing Rob’s game…”

Aron Barbell has his back and can be seen in the clip saying, “Rob is a great guy.” It seems they will always be buddies.

The Night Owls think Rob is the mastermind behind everything, and they try their best to eliminate him from the game. They keep losing members of their group while Rob stays, so maybe he is a chess master moving pieces around on his board.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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