Fans of Deal or No Deal Island call Boston Rob the reason it’s a hit

Boston Rob Mariano at a Survivor event.
Boston Rob Mariano shared great ratings for Deal or No Deal Island. Pic credit: ©

There is no question now: Deal or No Deal Island, the spin-off of Deal or No Deal, is a hit.

The premise of the new game show is simple: The 13 contestants travel to an island “where they compete in daring challenges to find hidden briefcases worth over $200 million,” according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Some familiar faces among the contestants include Boston Rob Mariano, Claudia Jordan, and Joe Manganiello, the host.

The Survivor alum Rob Mariano, aka Boston Rob, has shared some excellent news about Deal or No Deal Island on his Instagram feed.

The show is in Season 1 and doing very well with its viewer numbers. It earned an additional appearance on NBC and is steaming on Peacock.

Boston Rob also shared that the show is “setting records,” with 24 million viewers watching it on NBC and Peacock.

Fans are crediting Boston Rob with the show’s success

The Wrap reports the increase in viewers, “up 83%,” is “marking the biggest multiplatform delayed viewing increase in total viewers for any NBC unscripted show in five years.”

Everyone knows and loves Boston Rob since his stints on Survivor, Around the World in 80 Days, and The Amazing Race, among others.

His fans singled him out with praise for the show’s success. One fan shared, “Rob, YOU are the reason we are all watching!!”

Boston Rob himself had to reply with a big “Thank you!”

Another fan shared, “NBC knows they struck gold with you. So when do you get your own show?”

It has been suggested that Boston Rob would be great on Traitors Season 3 and that a show of his own would be a great idea after that.

Fans of Boston Rob Mariano react to his Instagram post.
Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram

Boston Rob thanked everyone for the praise he received regarding the success of Deal or No Deal Island.

Another fan reiterated, “You are the only reason 24 million people are watching!!!!! You are FIRE!!!!!”

Rob Mariano posts on his Instagram feed.
Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram

Deal or No Deal Island spoiler is ‘diabolical”

A teaser for the next Deal or No Deal Island episode dropped on YouTube with a surprising twist.

Aron Barbell, 26, from Champaign, Illinois, is back in a shocking twist that is sure to be exciting.

Another contestant, Nick Grasso, calls him “Dr. Evil” and his smile “diabolical” in the trailer.

Whatever happens, it will undoubtedly continue to surprise the show’s fans. The twists never seem to stop.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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28 days ago

Love Boston Rob! Been a big fan since he was on Survivor the first time. Go Rob, you got this!