Boston Rob fans want him on The Traitors 3 as he teases interest

Young Boston Rob
Boston Rob Mariano wants to try his hand on The Traitors. Pic credit: ©

Could Survivor winner Boston Rob Mariano be on The Traitors 3 cast?

That would certainly lead to some interesting moments in the castle in Scotland.

The Traitors 2 just crowned a winner during a shocking season finale. It led to a dramatic reunion show as well.

Peacock has found huge ratings success with the first two seasons of The Traitors US, which is why the network has already ordered a third season.

While it’s too early for the network to reveal who is on the radar for The Traitors 3 cast, plenty of rumors are floating around online already.

And there are several people that Traitors fans would like to see in the reality competition series. One of those people is Boston Rob.

Boston Rob has shared an interest in The Traitors on social media

Rob has participated in several chats online with Traitors cast members, including a recent one that included Kate Chastain from Below Deck and fellow Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Part of that NBC/Peacock promotion is shared below. It also features the new host of Deal or No Deal Island, which has Rob as a player this season.

Reality TV fans want Boston Rob on The Traitors 3

“Literally still in the process of moving in… no furniture-no problem got the Wi-Fi hooked up and ready to stream #TheTraitorsUS Finale and Reunion on @peacock #PizzaParty,” Rob posted on Instagram.

The photos he included with the Instagram post showed off a selection of pizzas and a menu for The Traitors on his television. That’s where fans began chiming in about how he needed to be on The Traitors 3.

“Gotta get Boston Rob on the traitors season 3!!!” one social media follower wrote.

“Glad you’ve got your priorities straight brotha,” joked Parvati Shallow in a comment.

Parvati is also a Survivor winner and played on The Traitors 2.

Boston Rob Fans
Boston Rob fans want him on a new season of The Traitors. Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram

“If you’re not on season 3 I will rage,” wrote another Rob fan.

“Can’t wait to see you and Amber in the castle,” teased a fan who would like to see Rob and his wife Amber on the next season.

Boston Rob Fans 2
More Boston Rob fans want him on a new season of The Traitors. Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram

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The Traitors is steaming on Peacock. Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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