Deal or No Deal Island fans call out the ‘Night Owls’ for hatred of Boston Rob Mariano and Aron Barbell

Rob Mariano and Aron Barbell on Deal or No Deal Island
Fans are upset with the “Night Owls” over their hatred of Boston Rob Mariano and Aron Barbell. Pic credit: NBC

Deal or No Deal Island Season 1 is turning out to be the Boston Rob Mariano show, and while fans love that, the other contestants do not.

A group has formed against Boston Rob and Aron Barbell that is fixated on trying to eliminate them. The Boston Rob and Aron team is proving to be hard to beat.

This group is named The Night Owls and includes Dr. Stephanie Mitchell, Nick Grasso, Amy McCoy, and the now-eliminated Dawson Addis.

Last week, The Night Owls gang successfully eliminated Aron’s friend in the game, Alyssa Klinzing. In a face-off between Alyssa and The Night Owl leader, Stephanie, Alyssa could not keep her spot on the island.

Aron did not take the evening well and had an anxiety attack, which caused tears and ended with him storming off.

Fans are unhappy that everyone is ganging up on Boston Rob and Aron, with many saying they will stop watching if Rob gets the boot.

Fans think The Night Owls are ‘unlikeable’ and ‘nasty’

In a post on Reddit, a fan shared their feelings about this group whose mission is to take down Rob and Aron. Fans love that Rob is taking Aron under his wing and do not like anyone against the duo.

This fan said, “What an unlikeable, nasty group of people. Ugh. You can play a game without being horrible- as evidenced by the other players.”

Others chimed in, agreeing with the poster. One said, “They are so focused on their hatred for Rob and Aron that they aren’t thinking when they’ll need to turn on each other.”

Another called the group “barely literate.” Another said, “Not sure why they didn’t all pig pile on Rob and Aron. It was very clearly 4 on 2.”

Fans call out 'The Night Owls' of Deal or No Deal Island on Reddit
Fans do not like ‘The Night Owls’ as they go after Rob and Aron. Pic credit: u/pjkell1/Reddit

In an interview with RealityTea, the now-eliminated member of The Night Owls, Dawson Addis, knows that fans think they are being bullies and replied, “But, at the same time, it’s a game, and we’re gonna do what we gotta do no matter what.”

Boston Rob is still a beast on Deal or No Deal Island

They keep trying to get the best of Boston Rob in the game, but he continues to be a force to be reckoned with, as he refuses to show his hand to the others.

He has appeared on Survivor and The Amazing Race multiple times, so a show like Deal or No Deal Island is not a new experience. He is simply using the expertise of others to hopefully win a ton of cash.

In a ceremony that will take place on Episode 8 of Deal or No Deal Island’s Season 1, Boston Rob is not showing the others who he wants to eliminate on the show.

He tells the host, Joe Manganiello, “Nobody wants to show their hand, so I’m not going to be the first one.”

This next episode will be interesting since it is just Rob and Aron against the others, but they will not go home without a fight.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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