Here’s why Deal or No Deal Island fans are calling Boston Rob ‘sincere’

Boston Rob Mariano at a Survivor event for CBS
Boston Rob Mariano’s comments about Aron Barbell have fans calling him ‘sincere.’ Pic credit: ©

Last week’s nailbiter of a Deal or No Deal Island episode had one young contestant swearing off social media because of the drama involved.

Aron Barbell took the elimination of Alyssa Klinzing by Dr. Stephanie Mitchell so hard that he cried and stormed off, saying he had an anxiety attack and could not take it anymore.

Aron made a heartfelt post on Instagram explaining that watching the scenes again was hard for him and that he’d be off social media because of the aftermath.

The next episode airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern, and a teaser NBC shared on Youtube has Aron’s good friend Boston Rob Mariano stepping up to console him.

Boston Rob has taken Aron under his wing in the game and in real life. A few weeks ago, Aron vacationed with Rob and his family and even met other Survivor players.

In the spoiler named Leak: Amy Picks a Fight with Aron, Rob can be seen talking to the upset Aron, and fans love the caring he shows the young man.

Fans are calling Boston Rob ‘sincere’ and a ‘good father figure’ to Aron

After his friend had to leave the game, Aron could not handle the interaction at the table with everyone, so he ran off, saying, “I’m already upset.”

Rob went to find him, explaining to the camera, “That’s my guy…I do have a soft spot for Aron.” Rob continued saying that when Aron hurts, he hurts as well.

Rob took the time to comfort Aron, saying, “What’s up, team? What a brutal loss tonight.”

Fans reacted to Rob’s loving concern for Aron on YouTube with one saying, “What a sincere friend Rob is to Aron.” Another fan shared that “Boston Rob being the only likable person on the show.”

Another called Boston Rob a “good father figure.”

Fans of Deal or No Deal Island call Rob Mariano sincere over his friendship with Aron Barbell
Pic credit: @NBC/YouTube

One fan spoke about Aron calling him precious and saying we must “protect this man at all costs. Love you see someone like him represented on TV.”

Another fan is convinced that Rob has Aron’s back, saying, “Everyone else just confuses me…don’t really know what to think.”

Deal or No Deal Island fans talk about Aron and Rob
Pic credit: @NBC/YouTube

Alyssa shared she knew nothing about Rob or his status as a reality show player

Alyssa was eliminated and spoke to NBC about her time on the show, her alliance with Aron, and what she thought about Rob.

NBC reports that Alyssa did not know Rob or his legendary status as a reality show player. She said, “I also felt really drawn to his energy. He’s so charismatic.”

Rob is a reality television show player and knows all the ins and outs. He is a fan favorite on any show he is on, especially Deal or No Deal Island. As reported by Monsters and Critics, fans cannot stop watching him and seeing how well he does each week.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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2 months ago

Are you kidding me? Why should I waste my time watching the show….it’s rigged! Anything Rob is in, he wins …..this egotisical so and so is definitely not wasting any amount of my time on.

1 month ago
Reply to  Iris

He wins because he’s good!

1 month ago

Always someone jealous. Boston Rob is a beautiful person and he wins because he’s good not because it was handed to him.

1 month ago

I was never much of a Rob fan…I saw him on Survivor but didn’t follow him. However, I’ve seen what a good soul he is and it’s the only reason I keep watching Deal or no Deal Island. When he’s gone I’m done watching because i can’t stand those mean Owls and won’t watch them win.