My 600-lb Life update: What do Kandi and Brandi Dreier look like now?

Twin sisters Kandi and Brandi Dreier were included in Season 5 of TLC’s show My 600-lb Life. At the time, Brandi weighed in at 588lbs, and Kandi weighed in at 604lbs. They were both mortified at the numbers on the scale and vowed to get themselves on track. Dr. Nowzaradan explained that since the two


My 600-lb Life update: What happened to Lee and Rena?

My 600-lb Life season six featured a couple named Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser who decided to tackle their health and anger issues together. The couple met several years ago at a weight loss clinic and quickly fell in love. They had to leave the clinic because patients weren’t allowed to date. But they didn’t


My 600-lb Life update: What happened to Jennifer and Marissa?

My 600-lb Life introduced us to an obese mother and daughter from Oregon on Season  6 and fans have been curious about their progress since the show. Mother Jennifer Jess, 42 years old at the time, weighed in at 636 pounds and her daughter Marissa Jess, 26, weighed in at 573 pounds at the initial


My 600-lb Life update: What does Justin look like now?

Tonight before a brand-new episode of My 600-lb Life on TLC, fans got to relive the story of Justin McSwain. As a reminder, when the season 7 episode aired, fans met Justin, who was a college graduate who had a once-promising career. However, he started eating and reached the point where he never left his


My 600-lb Life update: Dominic asks TLC fans for help with on GoFundMe

Dominic Hernandez faced more than one obstacle on his road to weight loss on My 600-Lb Life. While most subjects on the show take great pains to overcome many emotional roadblocks, mostly due to past trauma, Dominic had one more monumental mountain to climb. He was homeless. Dominic asks TLC fans for help with GoFundMe


My 600-lb Life update: What does Ashley Bernard look like now?

Single mother of two Ashley Bernard has really changed up how she looks since appearing on My 600-lb Life. Her new photos on Facebook reveal the mother of two is ready to join life and be active and healthy for her kids. While other people refer to the stress as a cause of their weight