My 600-lb Life exclusive update: ‘One ton family’ Roshanda, Clarence and Brandie Perrio on Where Are They Now?

Roshanda Perrio on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?
Roshanda Perrio waits to be weighed on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?. Pic credit: TLC

Roshanda, Clarence and Brandie Perrio were dubbed the ‘one ton family’ when they first featured on My 600-lb Life two years ago — and on this week’s Where Are They Now? episode we finally get an update on their weight-loss progress.

The trio were touted as one of the show’s biggest challenges yet when they featured in front of the cameras for the first time in May 2018. Fast-forward two years, and Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip shows the moment the family, from Louisiana, return to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s clinic in Houston, Texas for a weigh-in.

Roshanda, the biggest of the Perrio siblings, is preparing for gastric bypass surgery but she needs to lose enough weight before the operation will be allowed to go ahead.

When they first appeared on My 600-lb Life, Clarence tipped the scales at 582-lb, and Brandie at 620-lb, while Roshanda weighed in at 803-lb. Their weight-gain came after a traumatic childhood which saw them and their mother kicked out of their house by their father.

Is Roshanda still on track for surgery?

Two years down the line, all three have lost weight, especially Clarence and Brandie who have already had weight-loss surgery. However, their progress has been derailed after Roshanda and Brandie decided to leave Houston and return home to help Clarence care for their ailing father, who the siblings have since forged a better relationship with.

As our exclusive clip shows, all three have now gained weight again. The footage from this week’s Where Are They Now? episode begins as the trio drive to Dr. Nowzaradan’s clinic for a check-up appointment to see how they are progressing, and to find out if Roshanda is still on track to go under the knife.

Roshanda Perrio on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?
Roshanda Perrio waits anxiously for her weigh-in on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?. Pic credit: TLC

“I think we’ve all been doing well,” says Clarence. “I know we’ve been working hard on what we were given, and doing it as a family was very helpful for me. But the focus is on Roshanda getting the weight-loss surgery because she’s the last one that needs it.”

After stepping on the scales, Clarence weighs in at 407.6-lb, which is an increase of 10-lb on his last check-up. However, his progress has still been huge, with a total of 175-lb lost.

Brandie, who is hoping to come in at around 350-lb, has also seen her progress hit a wall after the scales reveal she is now 394.8-lb, an increase of 24-lb on her most recent weigh-in.

My 600-lb Life: The moment of truth

Last up it’s Roshanda, who desperately wants to come in at under 600-lb. “Seeing Brandie and Clarence’s weight check-in made me a little nervous since their weight went up a little bit. I was almost under 600-lb last time, since I was at 605-lb, so my goal was to at least get in the 500s.”

However, after an anxious wait the scales return a reading of 626.8-lb, meaning she has put on 21-lb in recent weeks. The upset is visible on Roshanda’s face, as she knows her weight-loss surgery is slipping out of reach.

“I’m really upset that I let this happen,” she says. “I’m scared about what this means. I’m scared about what Dr. Now’s going to tell me about my surgery, because I’ve worked so hard for this and I can’t lose it.”

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on TLC. 

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Marilyn Willett
Marilyn Willett
4 years ago

i cant stand Brandi, i see right through her acting like a slow witted 11 y o kid. Clarence reminds me of a big bear wearing a hat. Roshanda is the only one worth watching.