My 600-lb Life update: What happened to Jennifer and Marissa?

Jennifer and Marissa Jess on My 600-lb life
Mother-daugher duo Jennifer and Marissa Jess appeared on My 600-lb Life to begin their weight loss journeys together. Pic credit: TLC

My 600-lb Life introduced us to an obese mother and daughter from Oregon on Season  6 and fans have been curious about their progress since the show.

Mother Jennifer Jess, 42 years old at the time, weighed in at 636 pounds and her daughter Marissa Jess, 26, weighed in at 573 pounds at the initial visit with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (Dr. Now) in Houston.

When they decided to move to Houston, Jennifer had an abusive boyfriend Dwayne who also liked to gamble and was causing a rift in her relationship with her daughter.

Marissa had always been her caretaker and we see her bathing, feeding, and taking care of her mother’s every need.

She was worried that she would end up in her mother’s position if she didn’t change her habits soon. So the pair decided to move to Houston to join Dr. Now’s program in hopes of getting gastric bypass surgery.

On an episode of My 600-lb life: Where are they now we saw Jennifer and Marissa continuing their weight loss process, but, “If Jennifer and Marissa can’t get along as mother and daughter to lose weight, they’ll have to proceed apart.”

Jennifer Mess weight loss update

Jennifer was hardly able to even walk a block without running out of breath and her boyfriend continued to hold her back as he was still gambling. The emotional toll was causing her to continue overeating. She eventually left Dwayne and became focused on losing more weight.

Jennifer lost 210 pounds over the course of a year in the program. But we see she started back seeing her abusive ex Dwayne and blamed traveling for her lack of progress and even worried about bursting open her gastric sleeve.

Dr. Now called her and her daughter’s relationship “dysfunctional” as they were very dependent on one another and easily influenced by one another’s decisions.

So while Jennifer decided to stay in Kileen, Texas, with her boyfriend and his daughter, Marissa decided to move back home to Stockton, California.

Jennifer has posted a few progress photos on her Facebook and looks to be healthy and happy.

Jennifer Jess posted a progress picture to let her fans know she is doing well after the show has aired. Pic credit: Jennifer JJ Carver-Sullwold/Facebook

Marissa Jess weight loss update

Marissa ended up shedding 232 pounds within a year in the weight loss program. It started off rocky as her first appointment she only lost 13 pounds, but knew she had to take this serious, and she succeeded.

Marissa Jess with God Daughter
Marissa Jess pictured with her goddaughter who had just graduated kindergarten. Pic credit: Marissa Jess/Facebook

On My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now, Marissa had her gallbladder removed and decided she has had enough of Dwayne. She told her mom that she has already bought her ticket to move home to California and she just came by her house to tell her goodbye.

Marissa Jess has been married to her wife Gina Qtararo Joch since April 24, 2019.

Marissa Jess and her wife of Gina Qtararo Joch. The couple wed last year in April. Pic credit: Gina Qtararo Joch/Facebook

The two gush over each other and respond to each other as soulmates on their Facebook pages.

Marissa only adds fans on Snapchat and her username is sweetest-bitch8.

We’re so happy to see this duo overcome their traumatic pasts and to be living happy healthy lives.

My 600-lb Life is currently on hiatus on TLC. 

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