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New series Family by the Ton follows three cousins who between them weigh close to 2,000-lb

One of the cousins on Family by the Ton
Family by the Ton follows three cousins who are struggling with obesity

Family by the Ton is a brand new series on TLC that will follow the lives of three obese cousins and their weight-loss journey.

Between them Naomi, Drew and Chitoka weigh close to 2,000-lb and each has their own demons which make them overeat so much and so often.

The first episode sees Naomi’s mom Beverly have her own weight-loss surgery in an attempt to inspire her niece, nephew and daughter into losing weight. It also gives Naomi a scary look at some of the complications that come with such drastic surgery, though she is determined to start her own family one day and needs to lose weight to make that dream come true.

Can they lose weight with each other's support?
Can they lose weight with each other’s support?

Meantime, Drew is in denial about just how addicted to food he is and really needs to break that mental barrier before he has any hopes of really losing weight. Chitoka cannot even walk on her own and has been bed-bound for three years. Her first goal is just to literally take a first step.

Guiding the cousins through their journey is Dr. Charles Procter Jr., who will attempt to make the process as effective as possible and also smooth over any bumps they might hit on the way.

Family by the Ton will run over six one-hour episodes and premieres Wednesday, January, 10 at 10/9c on TLC.