Chitoka’s ‘freedom’ surgery day arrives on Family By The Ton

Tonight’s season finale of Family By The Ton is a lead up to Chitoka’s weight reduction surgery that she has been hoping and working towards. “This surgery represents freedom, a freedom I haven’t had in a long time,” she says. Her entire family appears at her home as she is heading to the hospital. Cousin

Chitoka finally fits into a car on Family By The Ton preview

A lot of “heave-ho” in our clip below, as the task of getting Chitoka safely and comfortably inside a vehicle to see the doctor shows just how arduous her daily life is. After last week’s cliffhanger ending, the entire family is still awaiting the outcome for Drew after his surgery. The three cousins, Naomi Anderson,

See Chitoka walk for the first time in years on TLC’s Family By The Ton

This week on TLC’s Family by the Ton a milestone is reached by Chitoka. Chitoka has gathered her family and trainer to witness the unthinkable, this morbidly obese woman has made a breakthrough and wants to share the exciting accomplishment with her loved ones. We learn that Chitoka has been working hard with her trainer

Family By The Ton: Naomi’s resolve deepens despite liquid diet torture

Tonight on TLC’s Family By The Ton, we see the grueling endurance test of sticking to a liquid diet when your body craves large amounts of food. Naomi Anderson has dutifully been on her liquid diet for two weeks, but with overwhelming cravings and hunger, she has nearly quit and walked away due to the