Family by the Ton exclusive: Casey has a tiger mom who keeps him going

Casey walks shirtless by the water on Family by the Ton
Casey’s mother is there to keep him on track on Family by the Ton. Pic credit: TLC

On the next episode of Family by the Ton on TLC network, we see a bit of Casey’s home life as shown in this exclusive clip. Casey’s mother is his biggest supporter and she gives him tasks to do and then suggests he go for an exercise swim to get him off the couch and moving.

In the preview, Casey’s mom offers him a snack and says, “You have been doing so good, you haven’t even been asking me for food…but I want you to have your snack.”

In the exchange, Casey appears to appreciate his mother’s support and interest in his mission to get healthy.

Casey pushes it a bit and asks for “no go” foods for dinner. “I would ask you but I know you are going to turn me down,” he comments.

“But I want you to have your snacks,” his mother says.

Casey is cheeky. He says, “Fried chicken? Japanese? Sushi? We fry that chicken? Cheese and hot sauce on it? Okay then, see we’re good.”

“So far you got squash and I have chicken…You will like it, whatever I fix you.” says his mother.

“I am sure it will be absolutely amazing,” says Casey.

Casey reveals his struggle and his appreciation in one moment, as he says, “We joking say our mother is a drill sergeant. She is just more controlling about what I am eating and how much I am eating. And she is so strict with my dieting sometimes that I do think about cheating. I am not proud of it. Dieting sucks.”

“Okay mom I think I am pretty much done here,” he says.

Casey’s mother appreciates the good job he did organizing her inventory of makeup brushes and says it’s time for a swim.

She says: “It will feel good, you want me to go get your swimsuit?”

Casey’s mom tells the camera in a separate interview that at her house, Casey plays fewer video games and is far more active.

Casey sitting on the couch on Family by the Ton
Casey recalls when he was more active. Pic credit: TLC

Casey goes for a swim and jokes with her she will likely get wet from the splash.

“A couple of years ago I was really active at the gym,” he says. “But I like the water.”

“If he sticks with this plan and stays here, Casey’s plan will work.” says his mother who gives him poolside exercise lessons with the noodle. “Far as you can…tell me doesn’t it feel good in that water? Take the noodle up!”

Casey works out in the pool while his mother instructs him on Family by the Ton
Casey’s mother is giving him exercise coaching poolside. Pic credit: TLC

“My mom is on my case but in a good way,” says Casey. “Being at my mom’s is like being at fat camp, I will do whatever she says here.”

Casey is one of the King cousins, who along with his kin Amanda, Amy and Ed are morbidly obese. When his cousin Amanda decided to have bariatric surgery, it set in motion a family-wide commitment to health.

Casey’s parents revealed at the beginning of the season that they blame video games for their son’s weight gain. The entire family must all support each other and confront their ways of thinking and change their harmful lifestyles, reconsidering everything.

Watch tonight to see how Casey comes along in his journey:

Family by the Ton airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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