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See Chitoka walk for the first time in years on TLC’s Family By The Ton

Chitoka’s expression says it all, her milestone has been reached!

This week on TLC’s Family by the Ton a milestone is reached by Chitoka.

Chitoka has gathered her family and trainer to witness the unthinkable, this morbidly obese woman has made a breakthrough and wants to share the exciting accomplishment with her loved ones.

We learn that Chitoka has been working hard with her trainer with one goal, to get mobile and reclaim her life. She desperately wants to leave the house for the first time in years.

The ramifications of this are huge. If she can walk outside, and enter a car and then get all the way to Dr. Procter’s office, she can get approval for the weight loss surgery and be put on the dreaded pre-op liquid diet.

Also on the show tonight, cousin Naomi is hoping that after her weight loss surgery she will no longer be treated like a “fat girl with a pretty face.”

Later, a trip to the mall reveals that clothes shopping is still fraught with pitfalls.

Lastly, cousin Drew has missed the mark, he was meant to lose fifty pounds in six weeks, but after he was not strict about his diet, he has failed this task. Dr. Procter gives him one last chance to turn it around or the surgery is not an option for him any longer. He also cautions that there are potential complications when operating on a large person.

Will Drew face his challenge and the fears of something going wrong in surgery?

Family By The Ton airs Wednesday at 10/9c on TLC.

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