Bedbound Chitoka bites the bullet and ask doctor to visit on Family by the Ton

Chitoka hears what the doctor has to say from the bed she seldom leaves

This week on Family by the Ton, Chitoka has to get a house call from the doctor as she bites the bullet and confronts her obesity head on.

Dr. Procter arrives and starts by asking about how she eats, whether it’s three meals a day or something different. Chi

The doctor explains that for a patient like Chitoka who has been essentially bedridden for three years it is clear that she has an enabler or enablers, who are buying her food and getting the things she should not be eating. He says that it is not just changing Chitoka’s attitude but also tackling the enabler issue as well.

In terms of surgery the doctor reckons Chitoka is as high risk as people come and that before they even start going over surgical options he would like her to try and visit him in the office under her own steam. Being able to do that would make him more confident that they could have a successful and safe outcome if surgery was performed.

Chitoka says she has no idea how she’ll get to the office, but one thing she is clear about is that she will not be left behind by the rest of the family as they tackle their obesity.

Drew is very keen on getting some weight loss surgery, but when he gets a curveball when he finally weighs himself on some scales.

Also on this episode, Naomi is really struggling with the liquid diet and seems to be quite close to losing the plot.

Family by the Ton airs on Wednesdays at 10:03 PM on TLC.

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