Chitoka’s ‘freedom’ surgery day arrives on Family By The Ton

Chitoka is heading to the hospital for her life-changing surgery

Tonight’s season finale of Family By The Ton is a lead up to Chitoka’s weight reduction surgery that she has been hoping and working towards.

“This surgery represents freedom, a freedom I haven’t had in a long time,” she says.

Her entire family appears at her home as she is heading to the hospital. Cousin Drew, whois interviewed in the clip below expresses how proud he is of her accomplishment and notes he has lost significant weight, saying: “But I still have a long way to go.”

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Chitoka’s family arrives to cheer her on and boost her morale

The sight of them holding signs cheering her on overwhelms her with emotion.

Chitoka breaks down when she sees her family gathered to support her

Also tonight, apropos of Valentine’s Day today, Cupid is seemingly MIA as Naomi’s well-kept secret about her beau is finally dragged out into the open, her boyfriend of ten years, Mike, has decided to end their relationship. The weight loss surgery and her work towards this goal has turned him off of her, he is out of the picture. Will Naomi be able to see how controlling Mike is and proceed with her weight loss agenda?

But the biggest arc is that of formerly bedbound Chitoka finally undergoes her extremely dangerous weight loss surgery after being bedbound for the past several years.

Understandably, her family is on edge as so many complications can arise. The surgery continues on for hours, and everyone just wants the surgeon to come out and tell them that she is okay.

The action continues at “Mama” Beverly’s birthday party, where the reveal happens for cousins Naomi, Drew, and Chitoka who show off their brand-new bodies.

Family By The Ton airs Wednesday at 10/9c on TLC.

For more after the finale episode, get updates on the family’s weight loss journey with TLC GO original series Family By The Ton Post Op. Watch every episode by downloading the TLC GO the app or head to

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